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Effect Types and Parameters

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Effect Types and Parameters
Parameter Effect type Parameter range Effect explanation


This is a jet sound like an ADA Flanger.
Knob1 Page01 Depth PreD Page02 0–100 0–50 Rate Mix Sets the depth of the modulation. Knob2 0–50 0–100 Reso Level Sets the speed of the modulation. Knob3 -10–10 0–150 Adjusts the intensity of the modulation resonance.

Sets pre-delay time of effect sound.

Adjusts the amount of effected sound Adjusts the output level. that is mixed with the original sound.

Effect screen

Parameter explanation

Tempo synchronization possible icon

Effect Types and Parameters [DYN/FLTR]
Comp This compressor in the style of the MXR Dyna Comp.
Knob1 Page01 Sense ATTCK Page02 0–10 Slow, Fast Tone Adjusts the compressor sensitivity. Sets compressor attack speed to Fast or Slow. Knob2 0–10 Level Adjusts the tone. Knob3 0–150 Adjusts the output level.


This compressor allows more detailed adjustment than Comp.
Knob1 THRSH Page01 0–50 Ratio Knob2 1–10 Level Knob3 0–150

Sets the level that activates the Adjusts the compression ratio. compressor. ATTCK 1–10 Adjusts the compressor attack rate.

Adjusts the output level.


M Comp

This compressor provides a more natural sound.
Knob1 THRSH Page01 0–50 Ratio Knob2 1–10 Level Knob3 0–150

Sets the level that activates the Adjusts the compression ratio. compressor. ATTCK 1–10 Adjusts the compressor attack rate.

Adjusts the output level.



This compressor is in the style of an APHEX Punch FACTORY.
Knob1 Page01 Page02 Drive 0–10 Tone Adjusts the depth of the compression. Knob2 0–100 Level Adjusts the tone. Knob3 0–150 Adjusts the output level.


This effect slows the…...

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