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Policy Number:
4200-69-08-26 We agree with you as follows:

Family Automobile Policy Amendment
Multi-Risk Physical Damage Coverage New York



For the purpose of this amendment, the following special definitions apply with respect to mechanical breakdown only:

Section III is amended to provide Multi-Risk Physical Damage Coverages. This includes: 4. "Loss" means physical damage due only to mechanical breakdown caused other than by 1. 2. 3. comprehensive; collision; and mechanical breakdown protection. 6. This amendment is subject to all policy conditions and definitions except as specifically modified below. "Owned auto" means any vehicle described in this policy for which a specific premium charge indicates there is coverage. "Owned auto" does not mean: Collision or Comprehensive loss as defined in the Policy.

Mechanical Breakdown

a) a newly acquired vehicle; or b) a replacement vehicle; or

We will pay for loss caused other than by collision or under the comprehensive coverage due to the mechanical breakdown of the owned auto. A $250 deductible shall apply to each loss due to a mechanical breakdown, except for vehicles still covered under the manufacturer's basic factory warranty, where the deductible shall be $100. Losses from mechanical breakdown shall not be accumulated to reach the deductible. 10.

c) a temporary substitute auto.

"Mechanical breakdown" means the failure of any original or replacement part to work as it was designed to work.

Loss payments for mechanical breakdown will be based on generally accepted industry repair charges.

We will reimburse you, in the event of a covered mechanical breakdown, for reasonable expenses incurred for the rental of a substitute equivalent type auto, subject to the following provisions:


"Deductible" means the amount shown…...

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