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Since an x-ray tube requires a direct current, some sort of means is required to change from AC to DC. With this x-ray tube it uses a single phase unrectified power source. Rectification is essential for safe and efficient operation of an x-ray tube. Since it is a single phase it will end up having a pulsating x-ray beam. This is caused by the alternating swing in voltage from 0 to 120 times each second under full wave rectification. A disadvantage of a single phase power source is that the x-rays created from single-phase voltage have a value close to zero and are of little diagnostic value due to their low penetrability. * single-phase generators produce voltage that varies from 0 to its maximum value

With a metal enclosure the tube is able to maintain its constant electric potential between the electrons of the tube current and the enclosure. Some of the benefits of a metal tube are that it will have a longer life and is less likely to fail. With a metal enclosure you eliminate the problem of tungsten vaporization through grounding of the metal enclosure.

The rotating anode which is usually made of molybdenum due to its poor thermal conduction allows the electron beam to interact with a larger target area; therefore, the heating of the anode is not confined to a small spot like with stationary anodes. The heat capacity can be improved by increasing the speed the anode is rotating at. A rotating anode is used in units that produce high-intensity beams and allows the usage of higher tube currents. A benefit is that if you increase the speed of rotation it will improve the heat capacity.

This x-ray tube has a small focal spot of 0.1mm. Tubes this small are called micro focus tubes, and are designed for imaging very small micro calcifications at short Source to Image Distances. With a small focal spot, electron interaction occurs over a small area…...

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