Why Is It Desirable for a Country to Have a Large Gdp? Give an Example of Something That Would Raise Gdp and Yet Be Undesirable

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Less exercise because of activities participating and worse time management (topic 3)

Nowadays, many teenagers do not know how to manage their time effectively so they may waste their time on playing or just studying and do not other meaningful things, such as, having a volunteer work. Because of this situation, the Student Development and Guidance Center has done a survey about how TownU College students spend their time.

According to the survey, I find that students spend most of their time for academic use and socializing which use 23.3 hours (involve studying and attending class) and 12 hours per week respectively. However, their only use one hour to having sports and fitness. Undoubtedly, spending time on studying and socializing is essential for future and sociable development. Physical development is an indispensable element of yours. A balance development is better than too emphasizing on one or two parts.

Based on the result of survey, I would like to give some solution to students.

First, I think college should provide physical education lesson. Although you may think that should university students have discipline to do it themselves and college have provided enough facilitates to them, some of students may still not to do. Some students may not love doing sports, so they do not have any incentive to have exercises. A PE lesson is a good way to coerce doing sports.

Second, I think student union can hold a sport fun fair. The fun fair can involve games, talk and exhibition etc. Games should regard to sport, such as, shooting basketball. Through the games, students realize the why doing sport is fun. For the talks, I would like to invite famous athlete and expert of health. Through the talk of athlete, student may attract by the sport star and then go to do exercise. And the talk of expert, student can know that if they do not exercise, they…...

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