Whole Tourism Systems

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Whole Tourism System Theory in Practice

This paper aims to outline the Whole Tourism System (WTS) theory and the practical functions within the system. Weaver and Lawton in Tourism Management state that the different internal functions of a WTS interact to form the ‘single functional structure’. The internal systems required to constitute a WTS were outlined by Leiper in 2004: at least one tourist, at least one tourist generating region, at least one tourist route region, at least one tourist destination, as well as a travel and tourism industry facilitating movement within the system. Whole Tourism System theory is the concept of a number of both internal and external ‘interdependencies, energy flows and interactions’. The 1930s saw the emergence of systems theory to describe phenomenon that are ordinarily too complex. To explain the factors and elements of a World Tourism System this essay will use the Australia to Bali tourist system as an example to explain how each element functioning singularly creates a WTS.

Within a whole tourism system tourists play the most valuable role. Tourism is essentially human experience and the enjoyment an individual gains from a destination. The geographical elements within a WTS are the tourist generating region, tourist destination region and the transit route region. The tourist generating region (TGR) within a whole tourism system is related to the demand part of tourism; here people gather information on destinations and this region is the ‘push zone’ for an individual to set off on travel. A tourist destination region (TDR) is generally the main component in convincing people to travel. The TDR is where the main impact of tourism is felt; the force attracting tourists to this region is what starts the entire system and where the majority of planning and management take place. The transit route region refers not only…...

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