What Is It About Churches That Make so Many Misunderstand Christianity?

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What is it about churches that make so many misunderstand Christianity?
Samuel J Graham
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Elmer Townsend puts a complex question to us fairly simply,” What is it about churches that make so many misunderstand Christianity?”(Core Christianity Elmer Towns) One reason would be because of the attitudes of Christians towards their local church. Now this can mean many different things on example would be the people I refer to as Sunday Christians. They are the ones who attend every Sunday land express their religion. Meanwhile the have subscriptions to porn sites, spend every night drinking at their local pub and not home with the family, and have a mouth that would make a truck driver blush. Then Sunday morning they are in the front pew praying for their hangover to go away. Another misconception about the Church and Christianity in a general since would be those “Bible Thumpers”. These would be the people that don’t discuss religion with people they tell you that Gods Word is the truth and aren’t willing to discuss any other view and are sometimes disrespectful to others views. I feel that one of the main things the church family can do is to act more Christian in their personal and social life. We all must remember that we represent God in everything we do down to the smallest action. Not one human is without sin though we should strive to be as close to God as we can. Back in my younger days I went to a certain dancing establishment was I just so happened to run in to three of the leaders from my local church. True I shouldn’t have been there and I am sorry for going there and have not been back there since. But the fact is Church leaders are judged harsher than the average Joe from the congregation. As I was talking about the “Bible Thumper ”once we find god we have this urge to tell everyone and spread the good news. But there is a right…...

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