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What is political socialization? Think about your own political socialization. Discuss how your parents, grandparents, and other family members have influenced your political socialization. Consider the impact of government classes, television, newspapers, news magazines, religion, and the Internet on your political socialization. Is politics something you discuss with your peers? Why or why not? What impact is your future educational achievement and financial goals going to have on your political beliefs and participation? Your WAM should be a minimum of 500 words.*
Political socialization is the acquisition of political attitudes and behavior that takes place in every society in different ways. It is a process where an individual is taught and exposed to the norms and values of their own society and to be a productive member of it by the most important agents of political socialization which are family, the media, school, and work. My own political socialization came mostly from my dad and the media of our society.
My dad was always an addict of politics. He always has something to say whether it’s against the government or about the poor people in my country. I always listened to his words because it turns out he is always right. He always watches the news called ‘Al-Jazeera’ and he researches about many things. He is pretty smart and he knows a lot of information. Basically, I am always listening to him and what my other relatives say because I come from Palestine and I have experienced things there too.
Religion has influenced me politically too. In my book, it is return about the war between Palestine and…...

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