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Walmart Customer Loyalty Program Save Money, Live Better, Reward Yourself!

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February 24, 2013

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Table of Contents Executive Summary Background Research Companies researched, program names and descriptions Description of the Proposed Program Company overview Target customers Suggested Program Names Features and Benefits Terms and Conditions Duration of the Program Initiating and Marketing Tracking Device for Customers Estimates costs to implement and sustain the loyalty program Summary and Recommendations References



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Executive Summary In the fierce world of global discount retail competition, differentiation is critical to long term success and survival. Walmart was founded on the differentiating factor of the lowest prices for the highest quality products. While this has served Walmart well and will continue to do so with global sourcing and supply chain management to secure the best products at the best prices, an expansion of the services provided to the customer and the ability to obtain demographic spending information and trends will prove invaluable to Walmart’s continued success and rapid global expansion. Additionally, programs that help retain customers once the customer has entered the store will increase market share more rapidly and increase the volume of purchasing made by the customer. “Great companies don’t just win new customers, they bring them back for more”. [Entrepreneur]. A review of 10 loyalty programs, with Safeway, Target, and Fred Meyer providing industry specific comparisons, revealed features, benefits, and drawbacks in program creation. Our efforts were to take the best and most readily achievable…...

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