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You are going to have $100,000 in portfolio value and manage the amount to maximize the final value at the end of the semester. Evaluation will be based on the quality of the research, rationale and portfolio performance. Bonus points will be awarded for placing in top three in class. A maximum of 200 trades are allowed per semester. Before making the trades, you should research your companies and develop written rationales on why you selected the company/mutual fund for investment. The research should include investment objectives, economic/market/industry analysis, analysts’ opinions/evaluations, and rationale for buying or selling equities or mutual funds. All of the research tools are available from the home page (see below). There is a menu item (Research Tools) with its own drop-down menu for this purpose. You are going to present your work on the last day of the class and submit one report per group at the end of the semester. Presentation Each group has 10 min. to present (the presentation should be equally divided among group members). Report (max 5 pages) The final report should include your portfolio, its value in addition to the investment objectives, economic/market/industry analysis, analysts’ opinions/evaluations, and rationale for buying/selling, performance evaluation measures, i.e., compared to the others in class, others across the country, and broader market averages, such as S&P 500. Please, do not forget to include your group ID and password to the simulation website. Important Note Before you begin the simulation and actively trading, you should review the materials under the menu item “Learn Trading” on the homepage of the simulation site. You should become familiar with the tools of the trade. There are tutorials available and other materials that will enhance your effectiveness.

GUIDE TO THE SIMULATION WEBSITE: The simulation can be…...

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...Table of Contents Question 1 2 Introduction 2 Reactions to frustration 2 Analysis of organisational behaviour 3 Question 2 4 Question 3 5 Introduction 5 What is survivor syndrome? 5 Question 1 Give an overview of the frustration model and how it can be used to analyse organisational behaviour Introduction Frustration occurs when a motivated drive is blocked before a person reaches a desired goal. The barrier may either be overt (outward, or physical) or covert (inward, or mental-socio-psychological). Overt acts might include strikes, work slowdowns, grievances, or lawsuits. Covert acts would include sabotage, secret withholding of output and stealing of organisational property. A smooth progression of the need-driven incentive motivational cycle and fulfilment of one’s expectations do not always occur in reality. There are some difficulties and barriers that do not let a person achieve his goals and so they lead to frustration. The frustration model can be useful in the analysis of not only behaviour in general but also specific aspects of on-the-job behaviour as illustrated by. 12e in the model below F. Luthans (2011), Oganisational Behavior: Need Drive Goal/ (deficiency) (deficiency with direction incentives reduction of with direction) Barrier the drives and fulfilment (1) Overt deficiencies) (2) Covert Frustration Defence mechanisms (1) Aggression (2) Withdrawal (3) Fixation (4)......

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