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Virtual Organization for Riordan Manufacturing

Virtual Organization for Riordan Manufacturing
Many companies today are looking to create virtual organizations for their businesses because of the innovation and organizational improvement it can provide. Creating an intranet in a virtual organization to hold shareable company data is the best form of communication between all employees. The intranet can be protected from outside interference by using the correct security measures. While reviewing the virtual organization for Riordan Manufacturing, there were some inconsistencies in the home page, accounting and finance, and human resources section that can be improved on.
Home Page The home page is the most important web page for a user because it prepares and sets the tone for navigation and functionality. A glaring omission from the Riordan home page is the purpose of the Intranet and its usefulness for employees. Currently, the home page contains the mission statement, company facts, and a brief history. While this information is important, we would recommend creating a separate page named “About”, or placing it under the current link of “Riordan Industries”, which would be a more appropriate location. Our recommendation for the home page would be to include more details about the intranet itself. What is an intranet? Why is it important? Who are the users? These questions are very important, especially for someone who is new to the company. Additionally, eight headings/links are located at the top of the page and with the exception of the “Home” link, they all have drop down menus, which is great. We recommend adding a small paragraph on the home page for the eight headings that includes a brief description of the section and its useful tools, if any. This allows users to quickly identify where they need to browse and not navigate aimlessly…...

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