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1. Coffee

1. Coffee
This chapter defines coffee according to the H.S. code of the Tariff Schedule (Fig. 1-1), covering green coffee beans, regular coffee, instant coffee, and extracts, etc. Coffee beverages (excluding the products categorized as milk beverages) are discussed in the soft drink chapter instead of this chapter.

Fig. 1-1: Scope of coverage for coffee in this chapter
Item name Green coffee beans Regular coffee Instant coffee Coffee extracts, essensses Description Seeds prepared by removing the outer and inner skins and pulp from the fruits of coffee tree produce. They are dried in the next processing step. Roasted coffee beans prepared by roasting green coffee beans from coffee tree fruits. This category also includes coffee products prepared by grinding these roasted beans. Coffee in soluble powder, granules, and other solid forms prepared by drying extracts of roasted coffee beans. Concentrated extracts of coffee beans, which are used for industrial or processing purposes, such as canned coffee, coffee candies and other confectioneries, etc. H.S. code
0901.11-000 0901.12-000 0901.21-000 0901.22-000 2101.11-210 2101.12-121 2101.11-100 11-290, 12-110 12-122

I. Points to Note in Exports to and Sales in Japan
1. Relevant Laws and Institutional Regulations
(1) Regulations and Procedural Requirements for Importing to Japan The importing of coffee is subject primarily to 1) the Plant Protection Act, 2) the Food Sanitation Act, and 3) the Customs Act. Dried green coffee beans that have not been heat-processed are handled as fresh produce, and undergo quarantine procedures, including screening for contamination by pests or harmful plants, under the Plant Sanitation Act. Quarantine procedures performed at airports and ports are under the authority of the regional Quarantine Stations. Roasted beans and processed products are exempt from the Plant…...

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