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Vegetarianism Makes the Body Healthy
Elizabeth Jay

DECEMBER 23, 2012

Benjamin Franklin was a vegetarian; he lived to be eighty when the average life span was fifty or sixty. Vegetarianism is a healthy lifestyle for many people in the world today. While some people who just cut meat out the diet and don't substitute other forms of protein can become very unhealthy. Adding a better form of healthy protein to one’s diet is scientifically proven to improve health. About seventy percent of all dieses including some cancers are related to diet. Becoming a vegetarian can help to treat some dieses like cardiovascular dieses and even multiple sclerosis. Animal products can slow down the immune system; animal fats can lead to clogged arteries and excessive meat in a diet takes away necessary energy. Livestock today can be treated very inhumane and almost tortured; animals are also injected with growth hormones, antibiotics and even steroids. By cutting meat out of the diet then those chemicals are not ingested into the body. Vegetarianism is a healthy way to improve one’s health, with the ability to improve dieses and keep unhealthy pesticides out of your body. There are many different types of vegetarianism, the first is Vegan. Vegans don’t eat anything made by animals, not only do they not eat meat, they don’t eat milk, cheese or eggs, either Lacto-vegetarians don’t eat meat as well; however, they include milk into their diet. Including milk and eggs into the diet is called, Lacto-ovo-vegetarians. Pesco-vegetarins include fish in their diet and Polio-vegetarians eat poultry as well. Living a vegetarian life has many advantages; eating meat has been proven to be worse for the body than eating alternative forms of protein. Most people, who eat meat, eat twice as much protein than the body really needs.…...

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...Vegetarianism “They are neglected, mutilated, genetically manipulated, put on drug regimens that cause chronic pain and crippling, transported through all weather extremes, and killed in gruesome and violent ways.” Who? The 16 billion animals killed every year in the United States to provide food for the meat-eaters in America. Even the free-rage animals that are supposedly treated with better care are often kill without any type of painkillers after being kept in dirty, disease-ridden sheds and being force to endure long trips to slaughterhouses without food and water. How can we stop this? Vegetarianism. Vegetarianism is a healthier, more beneficial lifestyle than non-vegetarianism because it is better for your health, the environment, and animal welfare. (“Animals”) According to a recent poll 6 to 8 million American’s do not eat meat, fish, or poultry. From these people studies have been done about the affects of a vegetarian diet on the body. Compared to meat eater, vegetarians consume less saturated fat and cholesterol from not eating meat. This diet leads to better long term health. Research so far has shown that a vegetarian diet reduces the risk of heart disease. In recent years a study was done using 76,000 participants and the results showed that vegetarians were 25% less likely to die from a cardiac event such as a heart attack. This is because vegetarians tend to consume more high-fiber, whole grains, and legumes which have a low glycemic index and the body......

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...Vegetarianism Angela Seibold COM156 October 20, 2013 Neil Conway Vegetarianism “Vegetarianism is the voluntary abstinence from eating meat.” (Dupler & Frey, 2005) Although each person has their own boundaries to what they will eat or use of the animal, they all have similar motivations for choosing this diet and lifestyle such as ethical and spiritual cnocerns. According to Matthew B. Ruby (2012), vegetarianism dates back to the Greek philosophers like Plato, Plutarch, Pythagoras, and Porphyry. Even with that being said there is no specific time to place the beginning of this diet, but it has been around for a long time. In 1847, the term vegetarian came about by the founders of the Vegetarian Society of Great Britain. (Dupler & Frey, 2005) As time goes, the diet is growing more popular along with different ways of describing each level of the diet. The most common way of describing vegetarians is by using simple terms. To be a Total Vegan means to not consume or use anything at all from the animal. Which includes no use leather, fur, cosmetics, and such. If the person chooses to consume eggs and dairy products, they are considered to be Lacto-ovo Vegans. (Regenstein, 2003) Lacto meaning dairy products and ovo stands for eggs. Therefore, if the vegetarian were to only consume dairy products, they would be considered a Lacto Vegan. Same with Ovo Vegan, but they will eat eggs but not any dairy products. “Beardsworth and Keil (1991b, 1992) have proposed that......

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...There are different points of view on the issue of whether being a vegetarian is healthier than a meat eater. The term vegetarianism can be defined by two types, which is vegan and vegetarian. The difference between vegetarian and vegan is that vegan does not consume animal products, including egg, milk products and even honey, whereas vegetarians are able to. (Why Meatless? n.d) Cultivating proper eating habits can benefit personal health, nowadays people prefer “More Vegetable, Less Meat”. Basically human body needs both of these nutrition to maintain basic bodily functions, but meat is not a priority according to the food pyramid. Becoming vegetarianism is good for the human body. On the other hand, vegans may not have enough protein for basic bodily functions, however, reducing the demand of meat can decline the damage to environment and save resources. This essay will analyse the advantages of becoming vegetarianism. Being a vegetarian can enhance people’s health and prevent the risk of illnesses. One of the famous meat less event in the world is the “Meatless Monday”, the purpose of ‘Meatless Monday’ is to encourage people to try vegan food and to be more concerned about the human health. (Why Meatless?, n.d) In recent years, the number of vegetarians has dramatically increased in three-fold from 2010 to 2013 (Sanreen A, 2013), the reason of people reducing eat meat is because they realize meats are unhealthy for their body. Being a vegetarian can reduce 32% risk of......

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