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Is South Africa in danger of an Arab spring? * Could generalize this into something like * What indicators point to a social uprising looming? * Could focus on certain political, social or economic factors in general * And perhaps compare this or look to what lead to the uprisings in other countries

What is or should China do about its aging population? * Could do a comparative study with Japan? Other countries.

Upliftment of the poor – can SA learn from China? * Are there better countries to learn from? * Do comparative study between different countries

What are African countries doing/not doing (strategies, policies) to derive long-term benefit from investment from China * Could generalize this to * How can emerging? countries derive long term benefit foreign investment from developed countries * Could focus on South Africa and China’s relationship * Could look at all countries China works with


How do SWF’s benefit the welfare/growth of a country? * Could focus on UAE’s use of SWF’s * Could compare it to how other countries use it


Do leading indicators influence confidence indicator? * Could look at whether the different indicators influence each other? Sentiment which increases leads to better leading which leads to better sentiment etc

Something with Behavioural Economics/Finance (COULD BE FINANCE) Germany vs Austria : Organ Donor – Ticking the box (TED video) Could look at how this can be used to solve social problems facing SA. Lees frakonomics vir idees


How can a High Performance Culture be entrenched/fostered during a change event?

Managing Change or Leading Change? * Change Management or Change Leadership * Look at how Change Man. Process is perceived and whether it should be driven by leaders –…...

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...imposed death sentence in which patients are shackled and placed behind bars for the protection of society, it is a treatable disorder that can be controlled and kept at bay. The motive of this paper is to explain the phenomenon of Schizophrenia and to tackle the two main views associated with the potential satisfactory recovery of the illness. Mental illnesses have existed for many years. Long ago, the people who suffered from mental illnesses, deformities, and mental retardation were all classified into one group; abnormal. Early theories speculated that these people had acquired these “abnormalities” due to their bodies being possessed by evil spirits. These evil spirits would ultimately be exorcised by various methods ranging from submitting the patient to various types of music to dangerously drilling a hole in their skull to free them from evil possession. The act of attributing any form of psychopathology to the spiritual world might seem too far-fetched for the average person, but can disgruntled deities and supernatural forces play a pivotal role in the manifestation of mental illnesses such as Schizophrenia? We hold true the fact that no sin shall go unpunished before the presence of God. However is there not a limit to his mercy? In 1911, the influential Swiss Psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler coined the term that we currently refer to as Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia comes from the roots Schizo (split) and phrene (mind), to describe the fragmented thinking of......

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...Title: Economics of Reuse of Construction and Demolition Waste: A practical Approach Abstract Construction material waste seems to have caused serious environmental problems in many large cities around the world over the past few years. As pressure for environmentally-friendly building practices increases, companies are discovering that ultimately 'going green' often promotes cost effectiveness and enhances the quality of life. The idea of ‘reuse’ and ‘recycle’ of many construction materials is a smart decision for all builders whether they are interested in environmentally-friendly building or not. At baseline, the research project will adopt three aims: 1) to examine the current issue with waste minimisation, cost implication by effectively management; 2) to investigate the economic analysis of reuse and recycling of construction and demolition waste; 3) to explore various construction materials that can be effectively reused and recycled. In order to achieve the above research aims, the following objectives are set: * To determine the importance of cost reduction techniques for reuse of construction and demolition waste * To investigate whether or not the economics of construction recycled materials can be justified throughout construction activity lifecycle. * To investigate the economic impact of reuse and recycling construction materials on major projects * To develop propose unique theoretical models on decision-making for reuse of construction and...

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...Running head: ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Annotated Bibliography Leslie Susie Grand Canyon University: SPE 529N March 6, 2013 16 Annotated Bibliography Idea partnerships (2011) Retrieved from (“Idea Partnerships,” 2011) FAPE is the Family and Advocates Partnership for Education. FAPE was funded from 1997-2004. An organization called Pacer Center maintains the FAPE website to keep parents and professionals informed of IDEA, (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) and other special education issues. FAPE.ORG offers parents, teachers, and contributors updated news and information to increase the learning for disabled children.FAPE.ORG links to news and articles concerning new updates about Special Education. FAPE.ORG links to more resources about IDEA. Herman, J. (2009). Voicenation: Special education resources. Retrieved from Jacob Herman created the website Voicenation to give parents and teachers a list of immediate resources after accessing the website. Resources are grouped by General Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, Speech Impairment, Hearing Impairment, Vision Impairment, Emotional Disabilities, Autism, Parent and Educator Resources, Special Need and Technology, Associations and National Organizations, and Special Education Discussion Forums. Teachers and Parents do not have to use search engines......

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...patient, •Sharp and analytical Continuous studying with full support, vibrant learning culture, world-class training and coaching by experienced staff at every stage of your career Handle the data, accurate the friendly and supportive culture at Deloitte was something that I could sense straight away I cannot wait I will be challenged from a environment and learn an enormous amount. ability to take on new challenges with flexibility and creativity, agility and intelligence As studying Economics and Business with East European studies, I have developed analytical mindset and business awareness. Furthermore, given the increasing realisation that many social phenomena can be properly understood by combining the insights gained from the various disciplines of Politics and Economics. Hence, I also study Politics and Law and it has always been helpful even it is challenging and difficult. This interdisciplinary work will brings me a creativity and flexibility in my work. My work experience with Foreign Ministry in South Korea convinced me that I have the skills and enthusiasm necessary to be a successful internship. I organised and researched for many official papers and progress reports. It enlightened me how to handle the data accurately and manage the flood of information critically. This job also gave me into the realities of a challenging and professional workplace. It helped me to develop important skills such as good problem-solving skills, initiative and quick......

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...Group: Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Group: Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TOPIC: _____________________________________________________________ Annually, August is the time millions of contestants everywhere in our country anxiously waiting for the results of their enter-unniversity examination. However, estimatedly just about one-fifth of those get the key and be able to take a step into the unniversity. The others stand to watch the door close uneasily like a cat on hot bricks: How to face with my parents and the people who always have great espectations of me? Should i make it over again? Is unniversity the only way to get through?! In our longtime culture, the Vietnamese people are possessed of traditional fondness for learning. Anyone from a kid is always taught “Learn, learn, and once again learn”by both parents and teachers. Verily! People with high education are unfailingly appreciated and have more advantages to their occupation, likely to have less difficulty to achive their success and have an easier life in both materials and spirits. Therefore, a dream to enter unniversity is a always a lofty and beautiful, proper......

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...myself more with the term or word. I learned a lot of new applications that I will definitely utilize. I have used Previewing a few times in the past but have never made a habit of it. I think it will be a great thing to start using though. It allows you to get a great feel for how long the chapter is and how long it should take you to read. As well as giving you an idea of what the main topics are going to be. Marking is a great way to condense an entire chapter into just the important ideas. That way when it comes time to studying you already have the important parts highlighted or underlined. I have already started to get ideas for making sure I have a place I can read with concentration. I plan on doing a lot of my reading this summer outside on the patio where I have peace and quiet. When the weather is not permitting or when it gets colder again I plan on going to the library or setting my office up with a corner that I am able to read in. The last of the four steps is going to be very important if I want my study time to be efficient. I will often check back to previous notes and assignments so that the ideas stay fresh in my brain. That way when it comes to time to study for a test I am not having to learn everything all over again. I plan on doing a compilation of a few of the vocabulary strategies. When I am reading and come across a word or phrase that I do not understand I am going to make note of it. I will go back later and assess everything I need help......

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...pane.CTRL+F1 displays or hides the ribbon.ALT+F1 creates an embedded chart of the data in the current range.ALT+SHIFT+F1 inserts a new worksheet. | F2 | Edits the active cell and positions the insertion point at the end of the cell contents. It also moves the insertion point into the Formula Bar when editing in a cell is turned off.SHIFT+F2 adds or edits a cell comment.CTRL+F2 displays the print preview area on the Print tab in the Backstage view. | F3 | Displays the Paste Name dialog box. Available only if there are existing names in the workbook.SHIFT+F3 displays the Insert Function dialog box. | F4 | Repeats the last command or action, if possible.When a cell reference or range is selected in a formula, F4 cycles through all the various combinations of absolute and relative references.CTRL+F4 closes the selected workbook window.ALT+F4 closes Excel. | F5 | Displays the Go To dialog box.CTRL+F5 restores the window size of the selected workbook window. | F6 | Switches between the worksheet, ribbon, task pane, and Zoom controls. In a worksheet that has been split (View menu, Manage This Window, Freeze Panes, Split Window command), F6 includes the split panes when switching between panes and the ribbon area.SHIFT+F6 switches between the worksheet, Zoom controls, task pane, and ribbon.CTRL+F6 switches to the next workbook window when more than one workbook window is open. | F7 | Displays the Spelling dialog box to check spelling in the active worksheet or selected......

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...Summary According to the article “Analyze a Subject by Breaking it Down and Building it Back Up”, the author explains that analyzing is to break the subject into small, ideas or detailed parts, and where, by looking closely at those parts you identify the purpose or process of discovery to reach a conclusion of the situation. 2. Critical Thinker In my opinion a critical thinker is a multi-dimensional person involved in the process of analyzing, processing and evaluating information. It is also an attitude that shows the ability to explore, probe, ask and search out answers and solution. 3. “Space Invaders” The method does Stengel uses in his introduction to generate reader interest is narrative ( a short story or anecdote). Furthermore, when i was reading the introduction the author spark my curiosity to continue reading the text. It was interesting to me because this is the way that people live today. Its very common looking around, and detect many space invaders. For example, in elevators, people are wedging themselves in just before the doors close or on the street, pedestrains are zigzagging through the human traffic. In short, the phenomenon of invading personal space has become more serious in the current society and this space varies across individuals according to factors such as culture, age, and gender. 4. According to the author, I understand “personal space” as the area around a person which they prefer not be occupied by another person. It is......

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...The topic I would like to choose is about auto industry, in recent years, cars had played a vital role in people’s everyday life, and it makes life much more easier than ever before. With the rise of gas price, people are more and more concern about what type of energy they will use after using up gas? What I concern is not only the current state of this sector, but also the future car technology. I want to find the issues and opportunities of future car technology. The answers I would like to know by searching this topic are listed. First, I want to know the current situation about auto industry, is there enough gas for us to use? How long can we use before exhaustion of resources. Second, what exactly is new energy, how many types of energy are there can be used on vehicles, is new energy expensive, and the process of what’s the rate of process. Finally, I would like to know what would be the future operation strategies for large auto companies like Toyota, Benz, BMW, etc. I think this paper will be as long as 5 to 7 pages, I will first focus on current auto industry state, how much fuel we use everyday, and raise up to future auto industry, relating with future car technology, site the resources which I found on Wall street Journal and give my own analysis. I found that it might be hard to search for the topic that is completely what I want; I will spend more time on this....

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...MGMT 591 Leadership and Organizational Behavior Topics for Term Papers These are only suggestions. The best project is one focused on improving conditions in one's own organization. Focusing on an employee productivity problem. Investigating employee turnover in a department or division. Determining why employee job satisfaction is low. Applying job design theory to improving the motivating potential score in a functional or work process area. Evaluating reward systems and their impact on performance. Looking at diversity in an organization and how it affects performance. Appraising a manager’s motivation methods and how they influence performance. Review the decision-making process in organizations. Concentrate on the communication process and how it affects the organization to achieve its goals. Look at how power and politics is impacting an organizational unit in terms of achieving the firm’s goals. Evaluate a leader’s leadership style and implications for performance and satisfaction. Evaluate organizational group conflicts that inhibit achievement of important objectives. Analyze a change effort in the organization. What went well? What went wrong? What should they have done? Determine the best organizational culture-style (in the context of the OCI) to optimize corporate objectives. Creating High Performance Organizations Effects of a contract worker in environment How perception of contract labor in the......

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...Date: March 14, 2015 Subject: ACL versus IDEA When comparing ACL and IDEA it was hard to choose which was clearly better because they perform such similar tasks. While we think both would be effective at identifying fraud there were a few reasons why we decided that IDEA was the better software. First, ACL simply was not designed as well as IDEA in our eyes. The team member who was assigned to the ACL tutorial had to re-install the program multiple times to “fix” simple errors that should have never arose to begin with. To add to that, it was not very user friendly in general which made it difficult to navigate and look at. ACL was, however, easy to import into Excel due to its inherent similarities with it. On the other hand, the team member who worked with IDEA found the software extremely easy to learn, use and remember and did not run into any problems due to design flaws. It was very easy to import and export from Excel with very simple and easy applications. There was a way to manipulate the data whichever way needed and by the end of the tutorial the team member felt that they were very knowledgeable on the software and felt confident in using it. Although more expensive, we feel it is much more effective and an overall better program. IDEA Tutorial 1. Attached are the 4 random pages from the report. 2. a) Willspo Yip, customer #60300, had the highest balance. b) Andrew Sarabia, customer #20039, had the lowest balance. The median balance in the......

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...Topic 1: What career would you like to choose after leaving school Model answer: Today, it is not easy to choose a career. Hundreds of students pass various examinations every year and compete with one another for positions in the various professions which are not so many as there are applicants. I would, however, like to choose teaching as my career. Teaching is an interesting career for several reasons. As a teacher I can learn many things, especially if I teach to an udder-secondary school. If I teach History or English, for example, I have to read many books to make my teaching lessons more interesting to my pupils. Thus, I can acquire more knowledge of the subjects that I teach than what I can learn from the class text books. It is indeed a fact that a teacher learns a lot from the class text books; but that is hardly enough to make the teacher's lessons interesting to pupils. A good teacher must therefore read many other books. Again, as a teacher, I have to speak well so that my pupils will be able to understand my instructions well. In this way I can improve my powers of expression. Even my pronunciation of words will improve to great extent. Further, as a teacher, I shall have enough leisure to read and prepare for various examinations. It is possible today to sit for many important examinations by studying entirely at home. Thus, I can acquire important qualifications. Finally, as a teacher I will be respected as an educated person. People will......

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...Board forums (2) During this course, the student will complete 2 Discussion Board forums. The student will post a thread of 250–300 words in response to the instructor’s prompt by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Thursday of Modules/Weeks 4 & 7 and post a reply to two classmates’ threads, of at least 150 words for each forum by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of the same module/week. All forums must be supported by course content, outside materials and/or Scripture references using correct APA or Turabian formatting. Each Discussion Board forum is due by the end of the module/week in which it is assigned. C. Worldview Assignment This assignment is designed to assess a student’s understanding of worldview following the content taught in the course. The topic of this assignment is to answer questions about the student’s current understanding of “worldview.” Students are required support their answers with course content, outside materials and Scripture references using correct APA or Turabian formatting. The student will submit a 425–450-word Word document by the end of Module/Week 3. D. Critical Thinking Assignment This assignment is designed to assess your critical thinking skills in the area of problem solving. Students will submit a Word document consisting of 500 words answering questions using critical thinking skills addressed in this class. Students are required to support their answers with course content and outside materials...

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