Uniforms Are They a Good Fit?

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Do School Uniforms Provide A Better Learning Environment?

A very important part of adolescence is discovering who a person is destined to be. In the stage where children are on their way to becoming adults, it is very important to provide discipline, give love, and instill faith. In these troubled times, raising a child takes more than just parents. Some school systems have taken measures to provide discipline and teach lessons by implementing uniforms. Uniforms, although dreaded by many students and parents, actually can provide a positive influence in school systems. By implementing strict dress codes school systems are able to provide a safe and carefree environment, promote discipline and school spirit, prepare students for the real world, and eliminate some social class issues.

Uniforms can provide students with a safe and carefree environment while in school. In many urban areas, children face more problems than just going and coming from school. Recently many students worry about being bullied, getting shot, or being recruited to gangs. Many schools have used uniforms in efforts to stop violence and gang activity. In 1997, a six-year-old girl was beaten to death fir wearing a red sweater in Los Angeles because her assailants thought she was affiliated with a local street gang (Cruz 17-18). Students wearing uniforms cannot wear gang affiliated colors or symbols, which would cause less distraction in school. In Long Beach, California the first school district to adopt the uniform policy in the first four years of uniform policies school officials reported a ninety-one percent drop in school crime; ninety-two percent drop in weapon offenses; and a sixty-two percent reduction in drug charges (Cruz 36). Also if students are wearing uniforms school officials will be able to identify…...

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