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In my opinion, I don't believe anyone can ever truly understand someone's culture without living through it. Engulfing themselves in what most people will never understand. I cannot begin to fathom what everyone's culture may be in class, and I am certain of mine. All I can truly do, in my opinion, is observe. When we, as American's, hear the words “child marriage”, it brings a few emotions quickly to the surface. It could bring shock, amazement that it could ever happen, maybe even disgust and in a few extreme cases hatred. I am an American, and I can tell you that I jump to conclusions when I hear those words, or any word that may bring unpleasant thoughts. By doing this, however, I am unable to truly see the picture of someone else’s culture, or their day to day lives. What I know may be completely different than what others have to live through every day.
I have decided to write about Romani gypisies and their culture and society. Mainly, about child marriage in their society. Now, there are several reasons I decided to write about this, the first and foremost being is that I would like to understand how a group of people could ever expect this to be okay, or for them a life style. The first thing I did was researched different backgrounds of Romani history, so I could get a better understanding of where they came from and where their culture originated. Romanis are believed to have lived, in their ancestors time, in a northern part of India. Their ancestors are also believed to be belonged to a Dom caste, a caste of people who are believed to be lower than other caste, or out-caste. Now, if you have ever researched anything about history, you know one of the oldest languages is Sanskrit. It is a language that has been around a very long time. It is believed that their language, now called Hindustani, is to originated from Sanskrit.
After I did the research…...

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