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Case 2: Tucker Knox Corporation

Good morning, we will give a presentation about the Tucker Knox Corporation case as described in the book of Donald Brown. We will first give a short introduction to this case, after which we will describe the problems they face and the causes for these problems. Then we will try to describe how their systems are affected. We will also present some changes and alternatives for the management team of Tucker Knox Corporation and how to apply these alternatives. Last but not least we will give a short conclusion. Introduction:
Tucker Knox Corporation is a world leader in automotive breaking-systems and manufacturing, they are supplying breaking systems to car manufacturers. The organization is one of the leading automotive breaking system companies and hold the number 1 position in the market share. In this case analysis, we will tell about the problems in both the macro- and micro perspectives.

A. Macro
- The first macro problem we come up with is the
Political turbulence within the organization. Because the company has faced many changes in top- management there is a lot of confusion and uncertainty surrounding the organization and it´s environment.
- The second macro problem is about the possible
Retention of the Market share in a sharply priced competitive market. This problem has turned down the profit and has a negative effect on the market image.

B. Micro
- The first micro problem is associated with the assembly operations, the company bears high labor cost that ultimately increases the cost of the goods they produce - Also Tucker Knox Corporation is facing problem related to the management position. In a way that the current manager does not have a strong technical…...

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