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One bitter night, in the rough end of New Haven,

the heartful dodger by any standards, but it hit Ferraro like an uppercut. He was unable to continue the beating. That exchange on a wintry night in 1982 is one that Ferraro continues to relive. But these days, as the Teacher Training Director of the Mind Body Awareness Project, it’s Ferraro who is looking into angry young eyes until he finds a glimpse of compassion. Based in Oakland, California, the MBA Project is a nonprofit organization that uses mindfulness and emotionalintelligence exercises to equip disadvantaged and underserved youth with the tools to make better decisions and to consider more skillful options than violence, self-harm, drugs, and crime. “All my work revolves around the same conversation,” says Ferraro. “What is freedom beyond conditions? Beyond this school, this prison, this hood, whatever your conditions are. Do your conditions lead inevitably to suffering? No, they don’t. Only a being’s perspective leads to suffering. Two people in the exact same situation, according to their outlook and expectations, can have completely different experiences. Turn that around, and any conditions can be a vehicle for bondage—or freedom and awakening. And that’s fucking deep, man.” Going back to his story about the homeless man, Ferraro says, “I didn’t know what compassion meant when I was fifteen. But I knew that that homeless guy had seen my heart. And that was scary. I’d learned early on that this heart of mine was not a

A charismatic ex-con lures at-risk kids away from violence. By Alix Sharkey Photographs by Douglas Adesko

Connecticut, fifteen-year-old Vinny Ferraro and his friends were hanging out as usual by the projects, near the corner where Ferraro sold drugs—mostly coke, but also heroin, hash, and LSD. His father, a junkie and career criminal, had schooled Ferraro in the trade. “You’re the…...

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...iSINUMPAANG SALAYSAY Ako, _____________________, nasa hustong gulang, naninirahan sa Unit C, 48-E, Philand Drive, Philand Village, Brgy. Pasong Tamo, Quezon City (unang panig). -at- Ako, _____________________, nasa hustong gulang, may-asawa, naninirahan sa Brgy. Suklayin, Baler, Aurora (ikalawang panig) ay nagsasaad ng mga sumusunod: 1. Na noong ika 6 ng Oktubre taong 2013 humigit kumulang ganap na ika-12:48 ng tanghali ay nagkaroon ng aksidente sa pagitan ng unang panig at ikalawang panig; 2. Na habang binabagtas ng unang panig ang kahabaan ng Recto Street gamit ang sasakyan nito, HONDA CITY may plaka bilang UQS 150, ay nasagi ng isang tricycle, na minamaneho ng ikalawang panig, may plaka bilang 6151OH; 3. Na ang ikalawang panig bilang namamasada lamang ng tricycle at wala nang iba pang pinagkakakitaan ay walang kakayahang magbayad ng mga pinsala na sanhi ng aksidente; 4. Na ang saksakyan ng unang panig ay mayroong comprehensive insurance mula sa Malayan Insurance (Philippines); 5. Na dahil dito, ang unang panig ay nagdesisyon na lamang na gamitin ang nasabing insurance upang maipaayos ang kanyang sasakyan; 6. Na ang unang panig na lamang ang sasagot sa lahat ng participation fees na maaaring pababayaran ng Malayan Insurance. KUSANG LOOB NAMING IGINUHIT ANG AMING LAGDA SA DOKUMENTONG ITO ngayong ika-6 ng Oktubre, taong 2013 dito sa Baler, Aurora. JULIET ROSE T. IGNACIOUnang PanigDriver’s Lic#N02-12-014438Valid until 2014-11-24 |......

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...General description: beechcraft-model c50 twin bonanza is a six-place, low-wing, all-metal monoplane with tricycle landing gear. It is powered by two Lycoming go 480-f6 engines, each rated at 275 horsepower for take-off. The engines have reduction gearing to the propeller shafts and drive beach craft model 279 full-feathering, constant-speed propellers with aluminum blades. This is intended to be a guide for some of the procedures for this specific aircraft. Servicing fuel tanks- the airplane fuel system should be serviced with 30/87 octane fuel. The fuel system is suitable for aromatic fuels. Fuel system access doors are of the flush type and are located on the upper surface of each outboard wing panel and each side of the wing center section. Expanding-type filler caps with neoprene seals are used on each filler opening. The fuel tanks are not interconnected and each tank must be serviced separately. Hoisting airplane the aircraft may be hoisted for mantenance or parts replacement through the use of a three-cable sling attached to the hoisting lugs and eyebolt. A minimum overhead clearance of 12 feet 6 inches and a hoist of at least 3 tons capacity is required .To hoist engine remove the propeller and cowling and attaching a hoist to the engine lifting eyes provided on top of engine. Jacking provision is made for a three-point jack-pad system the two aft pads are located on the center section rear spar in board of each nacelle(a streamlined housing or tank on the outside......

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...and enter the total as projected ending inventory for the current time bucket. Proceed to step a for the next time bucket. Problem Consider the Maine Woods Company. The bill of materials for tricycles, shown in Table 9.2, indicates the front assembly (part #463) is a level 1 item. The inventory file for this item shows 100 units are expected to be in inventory at the end of December. Production lead time, the time it takes to receive front assemblies after more are ordered into production, is two weeks. An order for 500 front assemblies was released earlier and is scheduled for receipt during week 1 of January. Using the master schedule for tricycles of Figure 9.12, determine planned order releases for front assemblies. The production for weeks 5 and 6 is set at 250 units each. Step 1. The bill of materials (Table 9.2) indicates one front assembly is needed for each tricycle. Step 2. Front assemblies are a level 1 item, so begin planning with them. Step 3. The master production schedule during weeks 1 through 6 is shown at the top of Figure 9.16. Because one front assembly is needed for each tricycle, and the master schedule shows units to be produced during each week, the gross requirements for front assemblies in each week will be the same as the master schedule quantities of tricycles. Step 4. The scheduled receipt of 500 units is entered for week 1. Step 5. The 100 front assemblies projected to be in inventory at the end of December are entered in the projected......

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Business were mainly traced to two stroke motorcycles that are operated as tricycles or public taxis and personal motorcycles (CityENRO, 2008). This problem, though transient, were believed to cause potential respiratory health problems particularly among the elderly, young and those suffering from asthma. Other sources of air pollution in Vigan were attributed to periodic and localised open burning of leaves and backyard wastes in the city’s nine poblacion barangays and agricultural wastes in the rural areas. Other potential sources of air emissions come from the firing of pottery ovens in the city’s traditional pottery making barangay. Poor air quality arising from emissions of ‘dirty’ 2-stroke engine tricycles2 is an inherent challenge of many urbanising areas in the Philippines as well as in Asia. In the Philippines, 2-stroke tricycles provide the cheapest mode of public transport in almost all of the country’s urban areas and major towns that it dominates all types of public transport. It is estimated that it makes up more than 30% of the country’s public transport sector with around 1.3 million working class families depending on its as primary means of livelihood. Its proliferation is also triggered by local government’s themselves. Licensing fees for the operation of tricycles are one of the sources of LGU revenues under RA 7160 or the 1990 Local Government Code. Over issuances of franchises for tricycle-for-hires by LGUs contribute to the concentration of motorcycles......

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...Name: Nana Ama Siriboe Student Number: 33292 | Date of Observation: 28th November, 2014 Observation No. 2 | Observation Technique: Narrative | Starting Time: 12:00 pm Finishing Time:12:30pm | No. of Children: 10 in the nursery No. And Role of Adults: 3 ( 2 teachers and myself) | Letter of permission to observe enclosed: ( Letter of Permission scanned and attached with submitted observation) | Description of Setting: A Montessori nursery in a residential area in Ridge. | Immediate Context (Playground, Art Corner etc.): At the School playground equipped with tricycles, swings, slides, climbing frames and other outdoor equipment. | First Names of Child(ren) observed: Rafferty | Brief Description of Child (ren) – i.e. gender/age/position in family/first language (if relevant): Boy aged 3years, 8 months (3:8). He is the last of two children. He has an older sister who is seven years old and is in another school nearby. | Rationale for Observation (if appropriate): | Aim of Observation: To observe Rafferty’s (3:8) social and emotional development during outdoor play time at the nursery and how relevant play is to his social and emotional development. | Montessori Centre International ______Ethical Statement To accompany every piece of course work carried......

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...TITLE: PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED AMONG TRICYCLE DRIVERS AS PERCEIVED BY FRESHMEN COLLEGE OF EDUCATION STUDENTS INTODUCTION: The tricycles are the form of transportation of the local population. It is the most affordable means of transportation in the Philippines. Automobiles enable individual to transport and move goods from place to place. It brings about proximity to places where education, recreation and employment are available. It is the vital ingredient in the overall system of economic development. Without automobile transport and other activities would be paralyzed, thus progress would be difficult to achieve. Here in our school, NEUST Sumacab Main Campus, tricycle is one of the common means of transportation in order us to go in our respective department. That is we have an organization called “ NEUST- toda”. According to some students, they had experience problems such as misbehavior of the drivers, improper hygiene and poor quality of service. However there is no sufficient evidence or details regarding this claim. Researcher believed that this study is deemed necessary as supporting evidences and details in making appropriate action for the problems encountered by college students among tricycle drivers. RATIONALE: This researched hoped that the result of this study would help in the improvement of the behavior; personal hygiene and quality of the service rendered of the tricycle drivers especially the tricycle drivers of NEUST Sumacab Campus. This......

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... Section 1: Observations I observed a child from Early Morning Learning Center at Gateway Community College. There, I observed my student Jerome for a total of five hours in 3 days. The Early Morning Learning Center at Gateway consisted of nineteen children ranging from ages 3 to 5 years old. The center had five adult workers whose job it was to watch and help the children. The days I observed the children were either in the classroom or on the playground. The student I chose to observe was an Africana American by the name of Jerome. As I arrived to the Early Morning Learning center the kids were out playing on around the playground. Jerome was riding one of the tricycles along with a couple other classmates. While riding away from other class mates Jerome yells “you can’t get me”. After Jerome places the tricycle down, a kid playing basketball asked Jerome to play saying “do you want to play”? Jerome begins playing with the other children. The children begin taking turns putting the ball in the basket. Before, placing the ball in the basket Jerome would jump. After a few times, Jerome took the ball to the wall and started getting a running start to put the ball in the basket. Then he began counting to three before taking his running start to put the ball in the basket. Jerome did this another four times. While playing basketball, the children were lining up back to back to see who’s the taller or tallest. When it came down to Jerome and another classmate at the end,......

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