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My experience as a trainee

I started my in – service training on the 1st of February 2013 at a Guest House in Beacon Bay- East London. I felt excited that I had found an organisation that would help me gain experience in the field of tourism and at the same time prepare me for the working environment, I also felt very nervous as I was not clear of what my duties entailed, what was expected of me as a trainee and I was also not sure about the company rules and regulations.
On the first day of work, I was told that I will be working in the office as a manager’s personal assistant and I was showed how everything works. I had to learn everything very quickly as the lady that was training me was available for that day only; my mistake was not having a note book to write down notes as she was showing me around, nothing seemed complicated at that moment and I thought I could easily do the job until I made my first mistake, I typed a quotation and faxed it to a client without stamping and/or signing it and my manager noticed, she is a perfectionist she pays attention to every detail and she was upset about it. The industry is people oriented and to attract people to the guest house we should always do the job to the best of our abilities and ensure that they have a worthwhile stay with us so that they also feel that they are cared for, they are respected and their needs are catered for, and so I understood her emotions.
My responsibilities include
• Typing of quotations,
• Typing of invoices,
• Emailing and/or faxing documents to clients,
• Making accommodation and conferencing reservations,
• Answering and making office calls,
• Answering and making managers calls,
• Welcoming and showing guests around the guest house and
• Filling of office documents.
I have been working at the guest house for almost a month and I have learnt so much in that period, I have…...

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