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Business Policy | April 12
| Shauna Lennon, Denise Mc Gahan, Jessica Byrne, Elizabeth Mc Entee, Siobhan Kearney, Sandra Sharpe | How can Tesco manage effectively strategic change? |

How can we manage effective strategic change?
According to Eric Douglas ‘The process of strategic change management involves developing an innovative vision for where the company needs to be, and then developing and equally innovative path for achieving the goal.’ (Douglas E, 2010) Many different theories have been developed in order to give a greater understanding of strategic change and how to manage it. These include Force Field Analysis theory, the Change Kaleidoscope approach and the Cultural Web approach. These theories help to give an understanding of the link between strategy, dimensions of corporate culture and managerial action.
‘Force Field Analysis provides an initial view of change problems that need to be tackled by identifying forces for and against change’ (Johnson G, 2011, p. 469) Kurt Lewin created this analysis in the 1940’s as a tool for his social psychologist work however it is now used within businesses as a method for making and communicating decisions. (Force Field Analysis , 2013)
You use the tool by listing all of the factors (forces) for and against your decision or change. You then score each factor based on its influence, and add up the scores for and against change to find out which of these wins. (Force Field Analysis , 2013)
This is carried out by starting and completing a diagram relevant to your business and the decision that needs to be made. (Refer to appendix 1 [on page 11]) The advantages of the proposed decision go on the left of the diagram, while the disadvantages are placed on the right, giving management or the leadership of the business a clear indication of which decision will be best for the business as a whole. Before this…...

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