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Thor Motorcycles, Inc. xxxxxxx MKT/421
March 26, 2013

Thorr Motorcycles, Inc. Thorr Motorcycles, Inc. is a five billion dollar company that manufactures high-end motorcycles for a commanding forty percent of the market share. Viewed as a high brand image, Thorr Motorcycles, Inc. manufactures more than 200,000 motorcycles every year. On top of that, they also offer services including motorcycle rentals, dealer software packages, dealer training, rider training, and motorist riding apparel. In this simulation, the problem at hand is their line designed for the age range of 35 – 50, and the decrease of interest and sales for that particular bike. The reasons for the decline in sales is due to the age bracket it is designed for losing interest in the product and lifestyle, while the younger groups typically do not have the money available to purchase that style. This is a rising issue and is causing Thorr Motorcycles to lose market share although they are still a successful company. Thorr has realized this issue needs to be addressed immediately before too much of the market share is lost, therefore, they have brought me in as Marketing Manager in an attempt to create a perceptual map and re focus the marketing and advertising strategies. During my time at Thorr I am expected to establish parameters, decide whether to reposition the existing brand or launch a new product, and develop new parameters based on sales surveys of the new product. The CruiserThorr is the motorcycle that I am looking at to create a perpetual map and establish new strategies for. The four fundamental parameters I used for the perceptual mapping are: lifestyle image, service offerings, price, and quality engineering. Lifestyle image was chosen because of the important role it plays in the motorcycle industry, as it is what the consumer thinks about the product.…...

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Thorr Motorcycles

...The company, Thorr Motorcycles have noticed that even though the sales in the motorcycle market are still high, the sales of the CruiserThorr are down. In order to turn this around, Thorr has hired a team of marketing experts to create a marketing plan beginning with a perceptual map, which gives a visualized idea of what the customers’ perception are of the product. After creating an optimized perceptual map, the marketing team has to decide whether to continue with their present strategy plan or deliver a newer, less expensive motorcycle, the Rroth, that will appeal to the younger crowd. After a year of sales, the marketing team then has to create another perceptual map for the decision they made to either stay with the current strategy plan or with the Rroth. The four parameters I chose for the simulation were lifestyle image, product design and styling, product uniqueness, and quality engineering. I chose lifestyle image because this is what a customer thinks of a brand and I feel this should be a high category. Product design and styling satisfies the customer physically and comfortably. Product uniqueness gives the customers something that only they would get when they purchase this brand of motorcycle, like engine sound. Quality engineering proves that the motorcycle was made with the highest quality of materials and overall the best aspects of manufacturing. According to the results, I should have chosen price and service offerings instead of product design......

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...Cruiser Thorr Motorcycles Cruiser Thorr Motorcycles In the case of Thorr Motorcyles Inc., the company’s dilemma was to figure out how to stop the steady decline of motorcycle sales. The company’s once successful motorcycle was now in the declining phase of the product life cycle. This paper will discuss the recommended solutions, the results, the relationship between differentiation and positioning of products or services, and the effect of the product life cycle with this particular product. In order to revitalize the sales of Cruiser Thorr, there has to be market research conducted. The research was based on competitors with similar products and what was offered that helped the competition sustain sales. The competitors that were researched for Cruiser Thorr were Anzai and Espritique. The parameter values that were compared were lifestyle image, service offerings, price, quality engineering, cool, safety, product uniqueness, and product design and styling. Based on these values, Cruiser Thorr was lacking in a few categories in comparison to its competition. As a new member of the marketing team and conducting quality research, the first call to action was to re-assign a couple of the parameter values that were previously a priority. The initial parameter values that sustained the Cruiser Thorr motorcycle success were lifestyle image, service offerings, price, and quality engineering. The four parameters that were decided upon were cool, price, safety, and......

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...these links will not be strong, and it will enjoy some autonomy. This segment will be able to prepare its own reports on how the project is advancing, make minor purchases, and deliveries without consulting the home company. This will be in order to quicken the development of the motorcycles. The project manager is the head of this segment he will bear full responsibility for the project, although he will report to the senior staff at the home company. This decentralization will also lead to better communication in this segment as the project manager will be able to make some decisions without consulting senior staff in the home company. Project Scope, is the work that must be completed to achieve the final scope of the project, namely the products, services, and results. In this case, the Project Scope will include delivery of a larger engine or motor and transitioning from manufacturing ‘cruiser’ motorcycles, to ‘touring’ motorcycles. The Project Scope will list work that needs to be accomplished to deliver a product or service, with the specified features and functions. It will include benefits of the product to target audience, such as, comfort while driving long distances on the ‘touring’ motorcycles, engine or motor design, fuel efficiency, and others. The Project Scope will include acceptance criteria for the deliverables – since this is a product, acceptance can include defining the warranty process and closing of the project after the delivery of a set number of......

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...Thorr Motorcycles MKT/421 April 14, 2014 Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing: Thorr Motorcycles Thorr Motorcycles, Inc. has a current worth in excess of five billion dollars and is manufacturing over 200,000 units annually. Thorr represents 40% of the total market which makes this company a leading name within the industry. Thorr don’t only sell motorcycles but offers dealership training, dealer software support and mechanical training. For customers, Thorr offers motorcycle rentals and biker training. The projected image of CruiserThorr is of “masculinity, mobility, and freedom”. Currently Thorr is experiencing a decline in sales and wants to know the reason. Thorr can survey customers as to their needs and desires in a motorcycle and then change accordingly (University of Phoenix, 2014). Phase I: Where is the Thunder? The problem is decreasing sales. “The motorcycle industry is growing annually, but sales of Thorr Motorcycles' existing product, CruiserThorr are decreasing.” Thorr's target market is mature individuals, over 40 years of age. Younger persons are generally less likely to afford the “Cruiser Thorr". Thorr needs to redesign the marketing strategy to increase its sales and attract new customers (University of Phoenix, 2014). Market position of CruiserThorr will be determined by using a perceptual map. Positioning on the map will be based on four fundamental parameters that can be used to promote......

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...Thorr Cruisers Paper Student MKT/421 October 11, 2010 Instructor: Name Thorr Cruisers Paper In the Thorr Cruiser simulation, the sales of Thorr Cruiser have been decreasing steadily. This forced the need to redevelop the company’s marketing plan, which includes the determination of whether to introduce a new line of motorcycles. The simulation educates the student with the interpretation of the market research data using a perceptual map. “Perceptual mapping can be used to give you that additional insight into the current position of your product and its potential in the face of competition” (Outsourcing2India, 2010). The simulation uses this technique to analyze the perception of the Thorr Cruiser to ascertain the reasons for declining sales and to formulate a strategy for improvement in the positioning of Thorr Cruiser. The improvement of the positioning of Thorr Cruiser will rely on implementing changes in the company’s marketing mix. The marketing mix refers to the combination of product, place, promotion, and pricing strategies. The final marketing mix that will help reposition Thorr Cruiser. While running the simulation the marketing mix used was price, services, engineering, and financial options. Price is important to position Thorr Cruiser as a premium product. Pricing affects the perceptions of customers and so lifestyle pricing has been used. In addition, lifestyle pricing will support quality engineering so that the Thorr Cruiser that rolls......

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