The Rise of Contemporary Art in India

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The Rise of Contemporary Art in India

Art in India, in all its forms, has always had a very important place in the lives of its people. Through the ages it has definitely seen and been through a myriad range of changes while still preserving its "Indian quality" to some extent. Right from the artworks found during the excavations at Indus Valley and Mohenjodaro to classical painters like Ravi Varma and then to modern painters like M.F Husain and S.H Raza, Indian art like all others has gone through evolution. Most people today are familiar with ancient Indian art which mainly includes mythological paintings, sculptures and exquisite carvings in temples and the like. In other words, the art that was being produced in pre-independant India is very different from the art that is being produced today. India was ruled by the British for a little over two hundred years. As we got closer to independence, the artwork in the region was being influenced by the presence of foreigners in the country in the sense that they had a say over what and who actually got recognition. Most of the art movements and groups that were founded during this time were heavily represented by the English. Also the art awards and honors were monopolized by them. The British authorities at the time felt that Indian crafts were to be paid more attention to than fine art. one of the main reasons for this was because they felt that Indian art was too influenced by Hindu mythology to be appreciated all over the world.
The Rise of Modern Art: After India became independent, art began to change considerately. Several movements and groups sprung up all over the country headed by ambitious young artists with visions of bringing modern art to India. One group called Young Turks constituted of artists like P.T Reddy, M.T. Bhopale, A.A. Majeed, M.Y. Kulkarni, and C.B. Baptista…...

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