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This is a radar This is a radar This is a radar This is a radar This is a radar This is a radar
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This is a radar This is a radar This is a radar This is a radar This is a radar This is a…...

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...the eye-popping techno wonders from the latest Batman installment involves the use of cellphones to “see” inside of buildings. When Lucius Fox plants a cellphone in Lau’s office building, the modified phone somehow creates a map of the buildings interior by using a “high frequency pulse” to create an image. Fox tells Bruce that it works just like sonar. Well to be more accurate he should have called it radar because that’s what it is. Sonar is when you reflect sound waves off of objects to determine their location. Radar is when you use electromagnetic radiation usually at microwave frequencies to do the same thing. Since cellphones emit and receive e-m radiation in the radio wave/microwave frequency range (for cellphones the frequencies are usually between about 800 and 2000 MHz) if you tried to use them as imaging devices then that’s radar. There are many different types of radar designed for different purposes including military defense, meteorological applications (the Doppler radar they use to image precipitation), police radar, geologic applications (ground penetrating radar); the list goes on. But, not surprisingly, none is capable of coming close to the level of 3-D resolution and the depth of penetration that Fox’s is able to achieve. The more layers the radiation penetrates the more it is absorbed and scattered. This makes resolving and interpreting the reflected signals extremely challenging. Nevertheless it’s an interesting idea extrapolated from existing......

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...CHAPTER 1 — BASIC RADAR PRINCIPLES AND GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS INTRODUCTION The word radar is an acronym derived from the phrase RAdio Detection And Ranging and applies to electronic equipment designed for detecting and tracking objects (targets) at considerable distances. The basic principle behind radar is simple - extremely short bursts of radio energy (traveling at the speed of light) are transmitted, reflected off a target and then returned as an echo. Radar makes use of a phenomenon we have all observed, that of the ECHO PRINCIPLE. To illustrate this principle, if a ship’s whistle were sounded in the middle of the ocean, the sound waves would dissipate their energy as they traveled outward and at some point would disappear entirely. If, however the whistle sounded near an object such as a cliff some of the radiated sound waves would be reflected back to the ship as an echo. The form of electromagnetic signal radiated by the radar depends upon the type of information needed about the target. Radar, as designed for marine navigation applications, is pulse modulated. Pulse-modulated radar can determine the distance to a target by measuring the time required for an extremely short burst of radio-frequency (r-f) energy to travel to the target and return to its source as a reflected echo. Directional antennas are used for transmitting the pulse and receiving the reflected echo, thereby allowing determination of the direction or bearing of the target......

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