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The Northern and Southern Differences The Northern and Southern Colonies of North America were politically, economically, and culturally very different from one another. The origin of these differences grew from the differences in religion, economics, and social structures between the Southern and Northern Colonies. Slavery, manufacturing, education, and agriculture influenced the everyday way of life for the colonists. Agriculture and environment were factors in the way each culture grew. The fertile land of the south along with a warmer climate made it possible for the colonists to grow cash crops such as tobacco, rice and indigo. However, this was not the case with the northern colonies. The poor soiled, rocky and, mountain area and long winters made it hard for the colonists to raise enough food to feed there families. This made it necessary for the northern colonists to look their natural resources as a way to make a living. These natural resources included fish, whales, trees, and furs. The southern colonists did not have to develop all their natural resources because the farmland proved to be very reliable and profitable for them. Trade and manufacturing were ways that the colonist got the English goods they needed. It was also a way that they earned money by selling the products that they had grown, made or acquired. Since farming was not as important in the northern colonies as it was in the southern ones, a greater focus was placed on developing industry to strengthen the economy. The northern colonies manufactured and traded guns, molasses, rum, and printing presses. Fishing, whaling, and furring were also contributors to the economical growth of the Northern colonies. The economy of the south was mainly based on agriculture and trade. The slave trade also played an important role in the economy of the southern…...

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