The Lungs of the Earth

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The earth has generously provided us with so much, yet we unthankful humans damage and destroy it. One of the majorly affected places on Earth that suffers from this untamed destruction is the forests. I strongly agree that destruction of forests will eventually lead to the demolition of the Earth.
Of the 30 million known species on the Earth 28 million are found in rainforests. These species belong to theses forests; it is their natural habitat which we are annihilating by deforestation. These animals without their natural habitat will not be able to survive.
One of the major causes of global warming is deforestation. The huge amounts of carbon emission for our factories and cars are released into the atmosphere. The plants and trees, which inhale the excess carbon dioxide being released, are now being cut and global climate change will soon reach its peak.
Also, in these forests a lot of mining takes place due to deforestation. And this mining causes many rivers and lakes to get polluted. This can affect the wild life in sea as well, which can be very alarming.
Nevertheless, one must balance the argument and take a look at the other side. Some people say that we need to clear these fields to build upon them. This will increase our standards of living. My response to that would be, that with climate change on the increase what is the need of the improvements in quality of life? What is the whole point, when we are ruining so many habitats? Are we humans that self-centred?
In conclusion, deforestation is without-a-doubt the worst treatment that we can ever give our beloved and precious planet. Clearing forests not only increases climate change but also mutilates wildlife…...

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