The Hidden Effects “the Freedom of Choice Act” Has in Our Country

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The Hidden Effects “The Freedom of Choice Act” Has In Our Country
In our country, we are free to do whatever we want that is not breaking the law. We are free to come and go as we please, say what we want, even drive anywhere we want to go. Why is it such a problem when a woman wants the freedom to do what she wants with her own body? When we think about “The Freedom of Choice Act”, we think about abortion and who has the right to determine what a woman can do or not do with her own body. Through time, we have argued that it the woman who has the right to choose, or perhaps it is the father who should have a say so, or maybe it is the clergy, or the government who should have a say in the matter. Most believe that the woman should have the final say so because it is her body. Some believe that the father of the child should be able to have a say if the child is born or not. Then you have those who believe that the clergy or the government should be the ones who regulate abortions through laws to determine if a woman is going to have an abortion or not. Then there is always the question about those who wind up in this position of abortion because of rape or incest. In this paper, we will touch on several different topics of abortion to have a better understanding why there is such a strong debate on this subject.
History on Abortion When we think of abortion, many people do not think about it or even talk about it. When those who are sitting around contemplating abortion, they do not stop to think how long abortion has been around. Abortion laws started during the 1820’s when it was a law that abortions could not be performed after the fourth month of pregnancy. By 1965, all of the fifty states had put a ban on abortion except for some exceptions that dealt with saving the mother’s life. (Johnson lewis, 2009)
As the years went on, in 1973 the court case of Roe v.…...

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