The Coming Water Wars

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26 February 2013

Beginning of a Crisis This planet seen by space; we sure do have a lot of blue water enough to satisfy our ever-growing population. But, what may be hidden from thought is our 7 billion human population: all requiring the access to clean, drinkable water. An Internet article written by Global Public Square staff found in a post by CNN’s Jason Miks discusses this issue, the war over water. The article begins with a study from NASA and the University of California Irvine; satellite imagery exposing the loss of 144 cubic kilometers of water in the Middle East. Global Public Square staff states, “We tend to think of the Middle East and its upheavals as defined by oil. Perhaps in the future it will be defined by water.” Earth may be a blue water planet from space but up close... and through the use of satellite imagery we see that Earth does not have an infinite amount of water and the more we continue to draw upon our source of it the less we have of it in our foreseeable future. We have evidence to prove this is a problem of hear and now; The Pacific institute states “225 conflicts” sprouting over the ownership of water and half of them throughout the two last decades. A major role in these conflicts are the very 7 billion population all needing the same thing. Our resources are dwindling and with The United Nations forecasting 9 billion people by 2050, the situation isn’t going to get any relief. Already 3 million people die a year from this lack of water, and the problem may stem from the lack of care we bestow, United States being one of the biggest criminals in it.

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Global Public Square Staff. 25 February 2013. Web. 26 Feb…...

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