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In the book A Song Yet Sung by James McBride, McBride depicts his view of today’s hip hop culture through the dreams of one of his characters; Liz in the story. Throughout the novel, Liz’s visions only portray the negative aspects of the hip hop culture. McBride continued to inform his readers on the bad elements of today’s hip hop culture. These negative attributes are facts the whole world already knows about thanks to mass media. McBride failed to add new information to his claims and acknowledge the whole picture of the hip hop culture. Instead he focused on the violence, wardrobe, and education standards of certain individuals to conclude that “there ain’t no freedom in tomorrow” (McBride). McBride should have pointed out the positive aspects of the culture such as those individuals who participate in community outreach programs, social commentary, and political dialogue. In Liz’s Vision of today’s hip hop culture, she says she saw, “Negroes eating in taverns, thousands of them; huge, fat Negroes, gorging themselves with more food than she ever seen: giant portions of pig, pie, steak, fried potatoes, laughing heartily as they ate, holding their stomachs as they gorged themselves. Negro children with bulging faces, strutting about in undergarments as if they were the finest clothing: undershirts, undershorts, nightshirts, and sleeping caps. Other children sitting in great dining halls before plates piled high with food, desserts, pies, meats, cakes- so much food that it seemed impossible for a child to eat. Yet, even as the children ate, gorging themselves with pounds of food and washing it down with sweet, colored water, they cried out of hunger and starvation, weeping bitterly as they ate”(James McBride 40-41). Through this dream, McBride depicts the African American people of today as lazy and selfish. This vision simply tells that…...

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