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1. Introduction

2. The imitations of Tencent QQ

3. The reflection of Tencent’s imitations

4. Conclusion

Introduction QQ, which created by Tencent Company in March 1999. It is the most popular instant messager in China.[1] The number of QQ users is 1118.7 million on September 2010.[2] As a research, around 60 percent of China internet users were using QQ in 2008, when only 25.49 percent of them were using MSN.[3] Apart from internet users, mobile phone users also intended to use QQ Mobile as their communication tool rather than dialing. Tencent Company is still developing their scale. Their company services include search engine (website), chat rooms, games, music, web browser, antivirus software, etc. In the recent year, they also try to expand their market internationally, such as QQ Hong Kong and QQ International. Moreover, the original target customers is young users, but Tencent Company is planning expand their target customers to older audience.[4]

The imitations of Tencent QQ

From many years until now, many people criticized the Chinese imitation of western brands or software, so is Tencent. The previous name of QQ is OICQ, which got the same name with ICQ.[5] The icon of QQ and the icon for QQ users criticized that imitated the Linux icon and many different cartoon characters, either. Moreover, many games in QQ are the imitations of Korean games.[6] Except the above imitations, the QQ’s agreement before installment, QQ show, QQ doctor, Tencent Weibo, and QQ tuan are also the imitations of Tencent company.[7] Other examples like QQ Live, QQ Music, Tencent Pat, QQ Speed, Tencent QQ Game Hall are the imitations of Chinese and foreign products, either.2 All the imitations are accepted by the internet or mobile QQ users…...

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