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Television Media

Television is an amazing thing. Many years ago, we had a black and white screen with big knobs, as bulky as a microwave for a television. Now, with technology so advanced, we have it almost paper thin and we sit in front of it just mesmerized by what we watch on the screen. We watch anything from the news, to reality television, to educational programs, and so on. It’s such a powerful tool that can have a big influence on most consumers because most of us sit in front of it either when we are bored or just want to relax. It is a phenomenon that has allowed us to see the latest news, advertisements, the latest movies, or even the most up to date current events that is happening throughout the whole world.

History of Television
There are different Era’s of the televisions. Prior to the year 1935, it was called the Mechanical Television Era. It was the first generation and was not completely electronic which displayed a TV screen and it had a small motor with a spinning disc and neon lamp. (Bennett, 2001)

First Media Advertisement in the United States In the United States, the first advertisement shown on the television was for Bulova and it had showed for 10 seconds and was placed before a baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies. The company paid only $9.00 for the advertisement. There are two main characteristics to television advertisement in the United States. The first task is to create a television advertisement that had met the standards and second, the placing of the advertisement on television through a certain type of media that would reach the type of customer they are aiming for.

Advertisement Guidelines
Just like a majority of things we do in our life, there are guidelines that we have to abide by in order to advertise on the television or any sort of media.…...

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