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- Good example of a SINGLE DASH bullet format for use in an Air Force Talking Paper or Point Paper
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- Copy the correct bullet type with the desired number of dashes to the appropriate locations when writing your own papers
(blank line) -- Good example of a DOUBLE DASH bullet format for use in an Air Force Talking Paper or Point Paper
(blank line) -- Note that just as in the single and triple dash bullets, subsequent lines in the SAME BULLET line up correctly automatically using this template
(blank line) --- Good example of a TRIPLE DASH bullet format for use in an Air Force Talking Paper or Point Paper
(blank line) --- Notice that all single dashes line up vertically as well as the double dashes, triple dashes, etc.
(blank line)
- Note that the Talking Paper or Point Paper’s identification line is in a “footer” one inch from the bottom of the page
(blank line) -- Notice that all margins are set at 1 inch and must measure accordingly when printed
(blank line) -- Note that the identification line is always written at the bottom of the first page only
(blank line)
- Follow the rules on page 174 of AFH 33-337, “The Tongue and Quill”
(blank line) -- Also follow additional rules, if any, of your specific command or headquarters
(blank line) -- Ask your commander’s executive officer or secretary if your command or headquarters has rules for these papers that differ from the guidance in AFH 33-337

Text in a Talking Paper should be 12 or 11 pt Times New…...

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