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Beer pong has been the main attraction at most social events in my young college life. There have been some pretty well put together tournaments, and there have been some that had gone terribly wrong. Beer pong is when two opposing teams line up six cups of beer across from each other on a six to eight foot table. The players then take turns trying to throw a small ball in the opposing teams’ cups. Each ball that lands in a cup results in the player or team drinking that beer. The first team that runs out of cups of beer on their side of the table will not only have lost the game but they will also have to drink the remaining beers of their opponents. The winning team can either stop playing or continue to play the next team in line. Now I will go over the step by step process on how to successfully throw a beer pong competition. The step by step process to effectively host a beer pong competition are having a venue set up for the event, having multiple beer pong tables and gear for the games, creating a list of people that may be interested and inviting them, and having, of course, enough beer to last the entire competition.
The venue or location for the competition is very important. You want to make sure that there will be plenty of room for the tables and extra space for bystanders and other partiers. Halls or banquet rooms are perfect for hosting these events. Calling the owner of the establishment for permission in renting the room is the first step. The next step would be to pay the owner the rental fee and any deposit fees. The next part right after getting the venue together is hiring security to be present checking ID’s and keeping order during the event.
In the next step you will need to gather as many tables, over 6 feet in length, as you can. These tables must be set up side by side in one area of the venue. Alongside the tables there should be a board…...

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