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April 9, 2013 Sweet as Honey

Many will agree that Facebook is much sweeter than Myspace. I had my first taste of Facebook a few years ago, and just like honey. It sticks to anyone who enters the site. I was addicted to the games almost immediately, I found myself logging in and out nine times a day. I enjoyed the games, posting my pictures for comments by friends and looking at what they were posting themselves; a new hobby for me was in full effect. It was great being able to do these things and more on
Facebook, but the best part was being able to type in my daily status. It felt great knowing my list of friends were paying attention to what I had to say, especially since I was ignored before Facebook existed. I enjoyed typing “good morning my facelookerz” or “workbound gotta make that paper.”
Facebook was my therapy; the second I would log on, the problems in my daily life were completely blocked . Everything was great--until I had the desire to locate classmates from my childhood. I wanted to locate classmates who attended Alexander Burger J.H.S. in New York with me. It was aggravating how much time was spent trying to locate them; there were at least two-hundred students my senior year. Looking them up became a frustrating task that will never be completed. It didn’t matter that I was typing their first name, last name, city, state and the name of the middle school; the search engine was not reading me correctly. I desperately wanted to reunite with them and I wanted to reminisce the three years we studied together, but I really wanted to know what life…...

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