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Strategic Organizational Communication
Strategic organizational communication is the process of infusing communication together with an agenda that includes promoting the company brand. ("What Is Strategic Communications?”, 2011)
Case Study: “The Power of Rewards at Industry International”
The case study “The Power of Rewards at Industry International” located in chapter three of Strategic Organizational Communication in a Global Economy describes a manufacturing company. The company has a rewards system used to compensate employees but that system is in jeopardy of being eliminated due to economic challenges. The case study describes the situation, the challenges the employees and the company face, and the methods the employees are considering to resolve the issue to their satisfaction.
The Organizational Structure
The organizational structure of the flow of information with a company can be either centralized or decentralized. Centralized information flow means all decision making and power is reserved to central points within the company. ("Centralization And Decentralization", 2013) In a centralized company information is often altered by the time it reaches the lower ranking employees. Decentralizing the information flow is the exact opposite of centralized. In a company that is decentralized information flow is distributed equally through the company resulting in faster decision making and less alterations.
The organizational structure of Industry International. Industry International is a decentralized company. Although decisions are made by a board of directors and information is not shared with the employees until a specified time, when information is shared it is spread in a group setting with everyone notified at once.
Rules and Rewards Industry International functioned for many years on a rule and rewards system. The employees worked hard…...

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