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Vincent Joseph Spano, Petitioner v. People Of The State Of New York 22, 1957, the petitioner Vincent Joseph Spano, a U.S. citizen of It descent, was dri ing in a bar when the victim, a former boxer, took some of Mr. Sp o's money a fight icks to his e was

from the bar. Mr. Spano followed the victim out of the bar to get his money back. Wh ensued, during w ich the victim knocked Mr. Spano to the ground and placed several head causing hi to vomit. After the altercation, Mr. Spano returned to the bar where'

by the bartender. Mr. Spano left the bar, and walked to his apartme t where he secured his . Mr. Spano then walked to a candy store the victim was known to

He entered the st re where he found the victim, firing five shots, two of which hit the causing his death The boy that was supervising the store was the only eyewitness. Th thereafter disapp ed for a week or so. , 1957, the Bronx Country Grand Jury returned an indictment for fir t-degree murder against p itioner and issued a bench warrant for his arrest, demanding his app arance to answer the indic aspiring to beco ent. February 3, 1957, petitioner called a good friend, Gaspar Brun ,who was e a police officer. He told Bruno what happened the day of the alleg murder,

how he took a be ting and the deceased hurt him so he shot at him. Petitioner also told Bruno

that he was goin to get a lawyer and tum himself in. Bruno informed his supervisors

The folIo

. g day at 7:10 p.m., the petitioner, accompanied by counsel surren ered

himself to the Br nx County police. His attorney cautioned him to not answer any que tions, and left him with the fficers. At 7: 15 p.m. the petitioner was taken to the office of the Ass stant District Attorney here the questioning began, being conducted by Assistant District ttorney

questioning laste

eight to ten hours. After several failed attempts to elicit a…...

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