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There’s a myth that those in my world would like to keep alive. That what we do is treacherous, daring and only for the reckless; that only an elite group of us who eat deep fried grommets for breakfast are worthy of taking on such a challenge as this. Certain companies will tell you this is not true. They will say that the experience can be suitable to most abilities and that no guide will take you to death defying terrain, unless of course your sponsor is Red Bull.
The first time we stepped into one of those giant machines was in Girdwood, Alaska. We were an absolute wreck the night before. We starred mesmerized at hours of footage from the company’s website, biting our fingernails, hoping that the videos of other people’s experiences would help dull our fears and instill us with super human powers. We were convinced that we would have to huck ourselves from under the whirling blades into the endlessly deep powder below. Warren Miller and Travis Rice have a lot to answer for, as the truth was far less extreme.
We leaped from the chopper landing with a muffled thud on the thick landing pad of snow. Our heli guide grabbed our snowboards from the helicopter basket and stopped just short of strapping our boots into the bindings for us. After we heard the last clicks of our straps echo through the mountains and watched the helicopter morph from a massive machine into a tiny dot floating in the sky miles away, we stood alone and abandoned at the top of a snowy ridge, staring down at our dream: a vast world of untracked powder, laid out below the nose of our snowboards. A few deep mouthfuls of crisp mountain air and we took to the snow, following the guide’s turns and breaking fresh tracks. Not a lift line in sight, no lift pass necessary, and an entire mountain range for us to call our own. We glided with ease on our mountain’s snow, carving perfect lines amidst the…...

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Snowboarding come and think winter is boring, I can recommend something exciting to do at this time of the year. Snowboarding is one of the most exciting extreme sports practiced during winter. There are different ways to practice this sport. It is quite similar to skateboarding and surfing. On this sport, your feet are attached to a board using special boots and bindings. There are many ski resorts where you can practice it. It consists of going to the top of the mountain and start descending on the slopes when they are covered in snow. You should start snowboarding because it is fun to learn new trick, a great way to exercise in the winter, and a relaxing sport. MacArthur ( 2010) tells us that snowboarding started a long time ago in 1965, by Sherman Poppen, when he was watching his daughter slide in the snow. Sherman invented the board by putting together two skis and a rope so his daughter would be able to give the board some direction. His wife named the board “snurfer” by putting together two words snow and surf. Later in 1977 Jake Burton decided to make some improvements to the board. He tried different materials. Until getting to the board that looks like the ones we have now. Later this sport was introduced in the Olympic Games. Then it started to become more popular. It was fall of 2008 when I came to Utah. The winter was coming. I was excited to go to try snowboarding. I was watching videos on the internet to learn how to snowboard. November is when the ski resorts......

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...Snowboarding Injuries Wind blowing through your hair, the sun shining brightly in your face and you feel as if there is nothing in the world that could ruin your day. But that can all end in a single moment. You lose your balance and land hard on your wrist, breaking it completely. Your all too perfect day is ruined in a split second, and you find yourself lying in the emergency room of a hospital. Since snowboarding has become more and more popular, snowboarding injuries have become more and more frequent and more dangerous. Snowboarding is a risky sport, and the risks are not taken seriously enough by new snowboarders. Helmets should always be worn while snowboarding, even if they don’t look “cool.” Head injuries happen all too often to people who think that helmets are not important enough to wear. Snowboarding has become wildly popular in the teen world, and teenagers think that they don’t need protection while snowboarding. Teenagers have no sense of safety for themselves and are ignoring the fact that they might get hurt. Teens should view wearing safety gear as an acceptable idea. Snowboarding doesn’t need daredevils who think that they are invincible. People take the risks of snowboarding too lightly. Snowboarding is a dangerous sport, and not enough people view it as such. Precautions should be taken at all times while snowboarding. New snowboarders should be prepped in what to do when they fall instead of trying to catch themselves, which only increases the......

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...Skiing or Snowboarding? Skiing and snowboarding are both great activities to enjoy during the winter months. Not only do they offer a nice leisure experience, but they are both beneficial to your health as they are both excellent forms of exercise for whatever skill level you may be. Deciding which activity to partake in should be thought with care and consideration. They are both costly activities but can result in a generous payoff for a person’s mind and body. When deciding which winter sport to participate in, first consider the various similarities and differences between skiing and snowboarding. As with any other sport or hobby, the equipment used is a decision to consider. Skiing involves a pair of skis appended to boots by the way of bindings that clip in and the use of two poles to help keep balance. A person’s body is positioned facing forward with feet straight ahead, facing the front. Snowboarding on the other hand uses a single board which is attached to a person’s feet using special boots and bindings facing sideways with the body perpendicular to the direction of movement. The stance is an important factor when deciding which sport to participate in due to the abundant varieties of skiing and snowboard positions. The rider must determine which position feels the most comfortable for the direction in which an individual’s body faces as this is a primary aspect of both activities. Some other factors to consider are the basics of the sport,......

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