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Smells like Advertisement

Advertisements are a hooking device for many people. They manipulated their intending audience into purchasing products that most people do not need but are convinced otherwise. In this case, both advertisements are similar in product but differ in the audience that is being targeted and in the method they approach or lure the intended audience. Many woman and men buy all types of perfumes in order to attract a suitor. Since the sense of smell is the strongest of all our senses, it triggers our memories and makes people unforgettable and associated with a particular smell. Men’s colognes attempt to replicate a musky smell, while women are usually sweet smelling like a fruit or flower. These colognes and perfumes come in wide varieties of smells and brands and thus are very competitive in the advertisement field to capture the attention of their potential customers.

The first one is the “Promesse” advertisement about a French perfume. The advertisement is composed of a young couple in a warm embrace. However, they seem to be separated by a small barrier as they lean forward their lower bodies are as far away from each other as possible. It seems that the simple and almost unnoticeable barrier diminishes the potential sexual scene and reduces it to an innocent encounter between a man and a woman. The man is dressed is a black suit, juxtaposing the white dress of his counterpart. His profile and joyful expression on his face mirrors the one of the woman. The woman holds a bouquet and seems to help give the appearance of a bride and groom at first glance. Other subtle clues of a marriage are the rings worn by both models. The French product’s name translates to “promise” and the tag line, “More than a fragrance, a promise…” assist in solidifying the fantasy of a marriage or engagement. The French theme helps the tender scene since…...

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