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Sex Offender Policy
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February 4, 2013
Paul Brouillette

Sex Offender Policy While the rate of sexual offenders has risen to around 234,000 in the past decade, the debate in our society has noticed the rise. In many states, victims are violated, and due to mental health issues and continue to be repeat offenders. Children have become the most unreported victims of all. While it is important to have sex offender registers in every state, it is another issue that most do not register, or give changes of address in many towns. While the concerns are on the rise the public and law enforcement look for new ways in preventing such violent crimes and the policy that are in place provide some security but not enough.
In the 1930’s the United States began the first sex offender registry requiring sex offenders to register with local state and federal agencies. Offenders were required to give their address and any other information used to identify them to the agencies. The early policies required only focused on high profile or repeat offenders. The attention given to the offenders are used to drive offenders or the “undesirable” persons out of the communities. Today’s policies give law enforcement so much easier method of identifying sex offenders, as they are required to register as a sex offender once convicted of a sex crime. Sex offender registration is open to view from the public and many review it on a regular basis when concerned with the neighborhood that they may be moving into ("Sex Offender Registration: Policy Overview and Comprehensive Practices”, 1999). Persons convicted of sexual crimes against children or violent sexual crimes against children must register on an annual or quarterly basis due to the “Jacob Watterling Crimes Against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Registration Act of 1994” (Paul, 2008).…...

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...Serena Manfredy Probation & Parole Research Paper: Supervision of Sex Offenders Sex offenders are a highly diverse group of people, but all are individuals who have at least one of the following crimes in common: have committed violent sexual assault on a stranger, have had inappropriate sexual contact with a family member, have molested a child or any other inappropriate and criminal sexual behavior. What constitutes a sex crime differs by culture and legal jurisdiction. The majority of convicted sex offenders have convictions for crimes of a sexual nature. Some of the crimes which usually result in a mandatory sex-offender classification are sexual assault, statutory rape, rape, sexual harassment, prostitution, and pedophilia. Currently, in the United States there are a total of 722, 499 individuals who are registered sex offenders, some of these individuals being juveniles. However, this number does not include offenses that have not been reported. Research shows that a lot of cases go unreported which can deem inaccurate numbers regarding the amount of sex offenders. Victims of sexual offenses often feel a plethora of negative feelings following the crime, including guilt, and this can account for some of the underreporting. There are subcategory designations sex offenders can fall into that classify them into levels depending on the severity of the crime. They are then registered and put under special conditions they must abide by for...

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...any legislation could completely eliminate online predators, this would help ensure that people who are registered sex offenders are made known on websites that provide communication with minors. There are a few areas covered in this act. First, this act would havethe auto-responder of the website cross reference against the National Sex Offender Registry when a person tries to register for the website. If a person who tries to register is found to be on the National Sex Offender Registry, they will not be allowed in the areas of the site where children are also allowed to be. If the website is made for both children and adults and a registered sex offender subscribes to it, the website will flag the subscriber so it is known that this person is a registered sex offender. In the past it has been very easy for sex offenders to just hide behind their computer screens and lurk the internet due to the anonymity of the internet. But with this as an amendment it will thus help make the online environment much safer. The intents of this legislation and the issues it wants to address, according to their website, is to be a deterrent to registered sex offenders and as a means to lengthen the years of incarceration for those who choose to ignore this law. Predators will be charged for each infraction that they did not abide by. The growth rate of convicted sex offenders is 10% per year, according to the Department of Justice in 2007. By adding to the constitution an amendment......

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