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Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring

Hector Landeros

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Security Monitoring

In today’s business environment an organization may consist of various applications all in which require a certain level of risk assessment and security measures must be taken.
Applications being used within the organization must be reviewed to determine security risks that application might have and how to protect the company from those vulnerabilities. Another factor that must be considered is a risk may vary between internal and external applications. There are many activities which can be incorporated into an organizations security plan which will help minimize possibility of a security breach.


Security monitoring is a method typically used to test or confirm security practices being used are effective. Most of the time monitoring of activities such as the review of user account logs, application logs, data backup and recovery logs or in many applications being used automated intrusion detection system logs. When using security monitoring one is trying to ensure that information security controls are in place are effective and not being bypassed at any point. One of the benefits of security monitoring is the early identification of wrongdoing or security vulnerability. Rudolfsky (1983-2010), “It will be difficult for a company to achieve information security objectives without security event monitoring. Security event monitoring is derived from the general practice of monitoring activities that occur on a computer system. Security event monitoring involves (1) recording information that represents activity and (2) analyzing recorded information to identify and respond to questionable activities (i.e.; possible security events)”

Logs Company must make sure to keep…...

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