Responsibilities of Employer in Claim Workers Socso

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Responsibilities of Employer in claim SOCSO.

Step 1 Head of Department inform to Human Resources Department about all accidents or deaths of staff in the course of employment with the company.

Step 2 Human Resources Department submit the document to the SOCSO office.

Step 3 Human Resources Department Submit the photocopy of cover letter of claim to the Claimant and Supervisor as a proof of processing.

Step 4 If the Claimant does not satisfy with the decision made by SOCSO, appeal can be made to the Social Security Appellate Board by completing Form A.

Documents need to submit:-

1. Employment Injury Scheme 1. SOCSO Form 21 2. SOCSO Form 10 3. SOCSO Form PKS (F) 1 Pin 1/91 4. Original Police Report 5. Original Medical Certificate 6. Photocopy of Identity Card 7. Photocopy of Duty Roster / Punch Card 8. Photocopy of Salary Statement 9. Photocopy of SOCSO Monthly Contribution Report 10. Map of Place Accident Occurred

2. Permanent Disablement Benefit 1. SOCSO Form 10 2. SOCSO Form PKS (P) 6 Pin 1/91 3. SOCSO Form PKS (F) 1 Pin 1/91 4. Photocopy of Identity Card 5. Original Medical Report 6. Photocopy of Police Report 7. Written application for reference to the Medical Board

3. Invalidity Pension Scheme 1. SOCSO Form PKS (F) 41 Pin 1/91 2. SOCSO Form PKS (F) 43 Pin 1/91 3. Photocopy of Identity Card 4. Photocopy of Birth Certificate 5. Original Medical report 6. Photocopy of Salary Statement 7. Photocopy of SOCSO Monthly Contribution Report

4. Fatal Case 1. SOCSO Form 21 2. SOCSO Form PKS (F) 1 Pin 1/91 3. SOCSO Form PKS (F) 43 Pin 1/91 4. Photocopy of Identity Card 5. Photocopy of Duty Roster / Punch Card 6. Map of Place Accident Occurred 7. Original Police Report 8. Approval Letter for Funeral 9. Original Death Certificate 10. Photocopy of Beneficiaries I.C / Birth Certificate 11. Photocopy of Medical Report (if relevant)…...

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