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Aries and DeMause make the assessment that children in the Middle Ages were not as important as the adults and were often overlooked. DeMause says the adults usually had three reactions to their children, which were projective reaction, reversal reaction, and empathetic reaction. Very rarely did the adults use the empathic reaction. In fact, according to DeMause’s article children were looked to as adults. So when children did what seem to be harmful or dangerous, their parents blamed them for knowing better or assumed they meant to do it on purpose. Aries states that the only difference between a child and an adult was their size. Both scholars have strong opinions about the significance of childhood in the middle ages. However, I believe they simply have a different understanding and may have only been looking at specific events or families, which may have slightly clouded their view or overall opinion. I understand that there may have been times that parents were not as cautious as some other parents and may even provoked dangerous outcomes for their children at times, but I do not believe it was all intentional. Children were taken care of differently during the Middle Ages than they are now in the twenty first century. Children were raised to help their families and work as soon as they could walk and talk. Parents during those times did not believe children should be shielded from work or hard labor. Perhaps today we are overly cautious about our infants, in which parents of the Middle Ages would say we are coddling too much and could also cause great effects on the childhood. Due to their surroundings, some being deprived of resources and wise man to give them advice on parenting, one had to learn on their own. They may have faced several of recurring accidents and/or infant mortality, but that does not…...

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