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Mental Health/Crisis Intervention

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Part 1

First Quote "People who talk about suicide won't really do it."

This quote gained my interest because I feel there are people who still think this is true. If someone is talking about suicide I feel probably has at least thought about it.

Second Quote "If a person is determined to kill him or herself nothing is going to stop them."

Basically if this quote was actually true then all of the professionals and others in support of the professionals trying to save lives and prevent suicides are basically wasting their time. Its very important for us to stand up and intervene when someone is thinking about suicide. We can make a big difference in a persons life by helping them remember why they should live.

Third Quote "Talking about suicide may give someone the idea."

In order to address the topic of suicide we must discuss it. If we simply acted as if this never happens then we would be doing a serious injustice to our loved ones and the community.

First Quote “How can a cancer survivor deal with fear of recurrence?”

I feel this is valid because a lot of have cancer, go through the treatments and then it comes back. With dealing with it and focusing on having a positive attitude you are better equipped to face and conquer it no matter how many times it comes back

Second Quote I've finished treatment and now I feel like I'm on my own. Are there things I should be doing?

This stuck out to me because I feel its a very important question to ask yourself once you just survived a bout with cancer and finished the treatments. I feel you should live your life as happy and as healthy as possible.

Third Quote I'm a cancer survivor and am wondering if I should seek counseling now that…...

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