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"Relationship selling is dead!" Various business authors and critics alike have been quoted recently in proclaiming the death of the relationship selling model. One such claim is that in today's increasingly fast-paced and ever-competitive business environment customers simply don't have the time to develop a relationship with you, the seller. Another article argues that with the advent of the internet, most products and services are commodities and therefore most customer generally buy solely based upon price, regardless of whether you have taken the time to develop a relationship or not. However, each of these articles contradict themselves in content by conveying that relationships are necessary to establish an ongoing customer needs analysis. The basis for their claim is the separation of the service of their product from the act of selling it. Meanwhile, each articles fails to acknowledge the utter importance of the return customer's needs and future needs with this ideology. To truly determine whether or not relationship selling is a thing of the past we must first investigate the importance of the relationship selling model and analyze what it truly means to engage in relationship selling. There are many intricacies that go into being a succesful relationship sales professional but at the heart of it, relationship selling is truly about building a friendship with your prosepect and actively listening to their needs. Once you have built a relationship with that potential customer, shown…...

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