Relation Between Technology and Productivity

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This assignment addresses the relationships between technological change, productivity, economic growth and socio-economic development at the macro level. It focuses on a range of questions with respect to the impact of innovation and technological change on productivity, growth, employment, human capital, inequality, poverty, sustainability and socio-economic development. These questions are studied in an international comparative perspective including advanced economies, developing economies and economies in transition. The analysis of growth and development will be enlarged to include processes of catch up, forging ahead and falling behind. In the sense that the study of micro-dynamics of households, firms and sectors contributes to our understanding of relationships at the macro-level.
A key concept relating innovation and technology with growth and development is productivity. Technological transformation is one of the major forces resulting in enhanced productivity and growth of income per capita. Productivity growth implies enhanced productive capabilities, which can potentially be used to fulfill a variety of human needs and realize social goals in the context of economic development. Socio-economic development is a broader concept than economic growth. It includes aspects such as the degree of inequality within and between societies, the environmental sustainability of increased production, the creation of employment and the fulfillment of basic human needs.
Drivers and mechanisms of technological change and their contribution to growth and development * the impact of demand factors on growth and technological change * the role infrastructure in growth * resource availability * education and human capital and their contribution to growth and development * health status as an aspect of human capital, with special reference to aids…...

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