Regression Models

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Regression Models
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This paper will refer to regression models and the benefits that variables provide when developing and examining such models. Also, it will discuss the reason why scatter diagrams are used and will describe the simple linear regression model and will refer to multiple regression analysis as well as the potential uses for this type of model.

Regression Models Regression models are a statistical measure that attempts to determine the strength of the relationship between one dependent variable (usually denoted by Y) and a series of other changing variables (known as independent variables). Regression models provide the scientist with a powerful tool, allowing predictions about past, present, or future events to be made with information about past or present events. Inference based on such models is known as regression analysis. The main purpose of regression analysis is to predict the value of a dependent or response variable based on values of the independent or explanatory variables. According to Render, Stair, and Hanna (2011) they are two reasons for which regression analyses are used: one is to understand the relation between various variables and the second is to predict the variable's value based on the value of the other. Variables provide many advantages when creating models. One of the advantages is that the model can be shaped in various ways which would offer the possibility of analysis from different perspectives. The two basic types of regression are linear regression and multiple regressions. Linear regression uses one independent variable to explain and/or predict the outcome of Y, while multiple regressions use two or more independent variables to predict the outcome.…...

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...Regression Analysis: Basic Concepts Allin Cottrell∗ 1 The simple linear model Suppose we reckon that some variable of interest, y, is ‘driven by’ some other variable x. We then call y the dependent variable and x the independent variable. In addition, suppose that the relationship between y and x is basically linear, but is inexact: besides its determination by x, y has a random component, u, which we call the ‘disturbance’ or ‘error’. Let i index the observations on the data pairs (x, y). The simple linear model formalizes the ideas just stated: yi = β0 + β1 xi + ui The parameters β0 and β1 represent the y-intercept and the slope of the relationship, respectively. In order to work with this model we need to make some assumptions about the behavior of the error term. For now we’ll assume three things: E(ui ) = 0 2 2 E(ui ) = σu E(ui u j ) = 0, i = j u has a mean of zero for all i it has the same variance for all i no correlation across observations We’ll see later how to check whether these assumptions are met, and also what resources we have for dealing with a situation where they’re not met. We have just made a bunch of assumptions about what is ‘really going on’ between y and x, but we’d like to put numbers on the parameters βo and β1 . Well, suppose we’re able to gather a sample of data on x and y. The task ˆ of estimation is then to come up with coefficients—numbers that we can calculate from the data, call them β0 and ˆ1 —which serve as estimates of the unknown......

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...Q1: All the regressions were performed. Output can be made available if needed. See outputs for Q2 in appendix. Q2: Select the model you are going to keep for each brand and explain WHY. Report the corresponding output in an appendix attached to your report (hence, 1 output per brand) We use Adjusted R Squared to compare the Linear or Semilog Regression. R^2 is a statistic that will give some information about the goodness of fit of a model. In regression, the Adjusted R^2 coefficient of determination is a statistical measure of how well the regression line approximates the real data points. An R2 of 1 indicates that the regression line perfectly fits the data. Brand1: Linear Regression R^2 | 0.594 | SemiLog Regression R^2 | 0.563 | We use the Linear Regression Model since R-squared is higher. Brand 2: Linear Regression R^2 | 0.758 | SemiLog Regression R^2 | 0.588 | We use the Linear Regression Model since R-squared is higher Brand 3: Linear Regression R^2 | 0.352 | SemiLog Regression R^2 | 0.571 | We use the Semilog Regression Model since R-squared is higher Brand 4: Linear Regression R^2 | 0.864 | SemiLog Regression R^2 | 0.603 | We use the Linear Regression Model since R-squared is higher Q3: Here we compute the cross-price elasticity. Depending on whether we use linear or semi-log model, Linear Model Linear Model Semi-Log Model Semi-Log Model ` ...

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...Linear Regression deals with the numerical measures to express the relationship between two variables. Relationships between variables can either be strong or weak or even direct or inverse. A few examples may be the amount McDonald’s spends on advertising per month and the amount of total sales in a month. Additionally the amount of study time one puts toward this statistics in comparison to the grades they receive may be analyzed using the regression method. The formal definition of Regression Analysis is the equation that allows one to estimate the value of one variable based on the value of another. Key objectives in performing a regression analysis include estimating the dependent variable Y based on a selected value of the independent variable X. To explain, Nike could possibly measurer how much they spend on celebrity endorsements and the affect it has on sales in a month. When measuring, the amount spent celebrity endorsements would be the independent X variable. Without the X variable, Y would be impossible to estimate. The general from of the regression equation is Y hat "=a + bX" where Y hat is the estimated value of the estimated value of the Y variable for a selected X value. a represents the Y-Intercept, therefore, it is the estimated value of Y when X=0. Furthermore, b is the slope of the line or the average change in Y hat for each change of one unit in the independent variable X. Finally, X is any value of the independent variable that is......

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...FOR ENGINEERS (EQT 373) TUTORIAL CHAPTER 3 – INTRODUCTORY LINEAR REGRESSION 1) Given 5 observations for two variables, x and y. | 3 | 12 | 6 | 20 | 14 | | 55 | 40 | 55 | 10 | 15 | a. Develop a scatter diagram for these data. b. What does the scatter diagram developed in part (a) indicate about the relationship between the two variables? c. Develop the estimated regression equation by computing the values and. d. Use the estimated regression equation to predict the value of y when x=10. e. Compute the coefficient of determination. Comment on the goodness of fit. f. Compute the sample correlation coefficient (r) and explain the result. 2) The Tenaga Elektik MN Company is studying the relationship between kilowatt-hours (thousands) used and the number of room in a private single-family residence. A random sample of 10 homes yielded the following. Number of rooms | Kilowatt-Hours (thousands) | 12 9 14 6 10 8 10 10 5 7 | 9 7 10 5 8 6 8 10 4 7 | a. Identify the independent and dependent variable. b. Compute the coefficient of correlation and explain. c. Compute the coefficient of determination and explain. d. Test whether there is a positive correlation between both variables. Use α=0.05. e. Determine the regression equation (used Least Square method) f. Determine the value of kilowatt-hours used if number of rooms is 11. g. Can you use the model in (f.) to predict the kilowatt-hours if number of rooms is 20?......

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...MULTIPLE REGRESSION After completing this chapter, you should be able to: understand model building using multiple regression analysis apply multiple regression analysis to business decision-making situations analyze and interpret the computer output for a multiple regression model test the significance of the independent variables in a multiple regression model use variable transformations to model nonlinear relationships recognize potential problems in multiple regression analysis and take the steps to correct the problems. incorporate qualitative variables into the regression model by using dummy variables. Multiple Regression Assumptions The errors are normally distributed The mean of the errors is zero Errors have a constant variance The model errors are independent Model Specification Decide what you want to do and select the dependent variable Determine the potential independent variables for your model Gather sample data (observations) for all variables The Correlation Matrix Correlation between the dependent variable and selected independent variables can be found using Excel: Tools / Data Analysis… / Correlation Can check for statistical significance of correlation with a t test Example A distributor of frozen desert pies wants to evaluate factors thought to influence demand Dependent variable: Pie sales (units per......

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Regression Model for State Suicide Rate in the U.S. more reliable. If it is the case that the cost of suicide to the society is very significant that we need to do some prevention, then once we get the idea of what the important determinants are, we can focus on the ones have most impact. For example, if the higher the education level is, the fewer people tend to commit suicide, we can try to subsidize education and improve the overall education level of people, and then we expect suicide rate will be lower according to this action. If we find out that the suicide rate for some specific age group is relatively higher than the other groups, we may set up some program providing help specifically to this group. This research will also be interesting, because we want to examine if the regression result is in compliance with our common sense (what effect on suicide rate there will be for each different variable). This will be discussed in more details in part B. Part B: Research design – motivation and estimation of independent / dependent variables Dependent Variable (Y) – Suicide rate This is just what we want to do research on, and the way it is calculated is as following: Independent Variable (X) Education impact (High school completion rate, and % of population get Bachelor’s degree or more), calculated as People with higher education tend to be better at adapting themselves to shocks, difficulties and failures. So, we decide to use high school completion rate and % of people who get Bachelor’s degree or......

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...examining models? Variables change, this helps with estimating the values of functions for the different variable values. 2. Explain the purpose of simple linear regression and scatter diagrams. Please provide a simple linear regression model and define each variable used. A scattered diagram is a statistic tool that is used to show the relationship between two variables. The scattered diagram is a combination of simple linear regression line that is used to fit the model in between two variables. The line that is drawn in the scatter chart is a model that is formed from the simple linear regression the data provides. The line equation is as follows: y=mx+b. When the calculation is done from the line, the values for “m” and “b” (the slope and intercept) are calculated with the data that is used in the simple linear regression. An example of simple linear regression is as follows: car rental for 1 day is $100 M-Thur, weekend rates will vary depending on the demand of the rentals and the number of cars. The total cost for a car rental M-Wed = constant + variable portion = $300 + $25 (number of rentals on lot) Variables: The constant portion = $300 = total for car rental for 3 days The variable portion = $25 = direct cost of car rentals available Unknown variable = supply and demand 3. Describe multiple regression analysis and discuss potential uses for this model Multiple regressions are the extension of a simple linear regression. This regression is......

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...Using the simple regression model to explain the relationship between 3-Month T-bill rate and Dow Jones Index Index 1. Introduction………………………………………………3 2. Modeling the relationship between the 3-Month T-bill rates and Dow Jones Index (First Model)……………………3 3. Hypothesis and Testing…………………………………...4 4. Empirical Analysis………………………………………...5 5. Further Comparison………………………………………5 6. Conclusion…………………………………………………7 7. Appendix……………………………………………………8 8. Reference…………………………………………………..10 1. Introduction The 3-month T-bill rates and Dow Jones index are really close to the whole economic environment; the 3-month T-Bill rates are the preeminent default-risk-free rates in the US money market that is often used by researchers to proxy the risk-free asset whose existence is assumed by much conventional finance theory. Given their importance and visibility, it is not surprising that these interest rates has been studied extensively in economic and finance. Dow Jones Index, undoubtedly, is one of the most important economic indicators of the global financial market, This paper investigates the relationship between these two important economic data. In order to cover the business circle, the data which I choose is from 2001/01/01-2010/12/31, including the subprime lending crisis period. I use SAS and excel to get the information which indicates the relationship between these two representing data. 2. Modeling the relationship between the 3-Month......

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...Regression Paper Team RES/342 Research and Evaluation Teacher Date The Hypothesis Team C’s hypothesis is that the more years of education one receives the more a person can potentially earn in salary. The team will use the process of linear regression analysis to explain how the information is used and conduct a five-step test to see if the hypothesis proves true or false. Linear Regression Analysis Team C’s purpose of this research paper is to use a linear regression analysis test to determine if a significant linear relationship exists between an independent variable which is X, level or years of education, and a dependent variable Y, salaries earned or potentially earned. “It is used to determine the extent to which there is a linear relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables,” (Statistically Significant Consulting, 2010, para. 1). Learning Team C will use the salary and education levels from the Wages and Wage Earners Data Set collected through access to the e-source link of University of Phoenix. For this test the dependent variable, Y, will represent the salary of the 100 participants and the independent variable, X, will represent the education of the 100 participants. How the Information is used This information will be used in a linear regression test to see if there is enough evidence to reject the null hypothesis that a higher education does not......

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