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Management, when studied and applied has a broad spectrum. Not only do we have to consider the profit of an organization, but we also have to consider whether an organization and their production of goods lead to meeting the needs of the common good efficiently and effectively. Based on Peter Drucker’s Agency theory, “Management is the organ of institutions; one which converts a mob into an organization, and human efforts into performance.” This basically speaks of the skills and competencies of the workers and their effectiveness and efficiency to give an output that meets the desired and quality accepted outcome.
During our first meeting, we were asked which one between effectiveness and efficiency will we prioritize provided that circumstances come. Sure, both are significant in accomplishing a goal but in the event that we have to prioritize one, which one will be it? I remember answering efficiency because based on my experience as a nurse; we cannot achieve effectiveness without being efficient with a certain task. We were taught about being efficient in every nursing skill that we do because we are dealing with the lives of the people. In contrast to my nursing background, I further understood that in business, sometimes the priority is effectiveness because in an organization, meeting a deadline is sometimes synonymous to the credibility of the team.
On the one hand, in defining skills, it is the application of knowledge to be able to do a job suitable for the goals and concepts one (specifically a manager) has created. To understand the three types of management skills that we’ve learned during the class discussion, which are technical skills, human skills and conceptual…...

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