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RAPE IN MILITARY Back in my hometown, when I was just a young little girl, there was a time that American movie culture approached us and caught many attentions to viewers. During that time, the genre that amazed and thrilled me the most was those movies about war, for which my admiration to military women was later developed through such great movies like Pearl Harbor or Cadet Kelly. For the first time in my life, I realized how honored, brave and independent a woman can be, and most importantly, how there was still a place in the World where women were respected and appreciated. I was indeed grateful for that. However, having grown up and experienced with several cultures, I started to discover the dark sides of every society, in which the unfair treatment to women still happens in family, at work place, or even on the streets. My belief from childhood about an existing fairness for women has collapsed immediately after I figured out a dirty truth behind the most disciplined, governmentally institutional family called the U.S military. An analysis of military women who was raped during their serving reveals an increasing number of victims from last several years, which somehow has turned into an issue called “military rape culture”, while emphasizes the extravagant neglect of the authorities when it comes to let the cat out of the bag.
My fellow women, have you ever gotten into a situation when you had to gather all your courage to choose the very rough path but eventually it turns out to be a dead-end? I think it happens a lot to those women who at first had been either delighted or miserable, honored or hesitating, dedicated or burdensome, to join the army, to be a part of U.S. Navy or Marine. However, despite all the respectful and admiring look from other people to you putting on the military jacket, is the life of a woman in military as grateful as it…...

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