Raising the Demand to Increase the Supply

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If there is one thing that all Americans desire it is entertainment. Americans spent more than eight hours a day watching television (1). That’s two-hundred and forty days watching television a year (Taking into account time spent sleeping, eating, and other necessities). People spend about the same amount of time working in one month as they do watching television.
Then there’s the time being spent on the internet. Although not as much as television the internet is quickly becoming just as time-consuming as television. On average Americans spent sixty-six hours on the internet a month (2), that’s thirty-three days spent on the internet. These statistics have risen consistently over the past five years on average of one-hundred million users a year (3).
Time isn’t the only thing that Americans give up in order to fulfill their need for entertainment. The amount of money spent also contributes to the substantial amount of missing from many American’s pockets. In two-thousand and nine Americans spent almost ten billion dollars on movie tickets alone. That doesn’t even include dollars spent on D.V.D’s, which reached just under seventeen billion dollars, (This includes both D.V.D purchases and D.V.D Rentals) (4). Americans have an insatiable desire for entertainment that will grow until something dramatic changes the routine that we have become accustomed to over the past one-hundred years.
Everything mentioned so far has been to given to show Americans need for entertainment. But the examples given are very one sided. The only ones involved in these transactions are the consumers and the price setters. The consumers have no connection with the suppliers besides the idea a big corporation owner in his tower in the sky, only coming down to raise prices on the poor unsuspecting consumers.
Suppliers and customers need to be viewed as a partnership. The benefits of…...

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