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Radioactive contamination With the development of the science and technology, nuclear energy is replacing conventional energy rapidly. It produces enormous energy by few resources. However, nuclear leak caused by an earthquake in Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant last year lead to a severe radioactive contamination. This raises great attention to nuclear safety.

Radioactive contamination is the harm to individuals or equipment by the unregulated radioactive materials, such as radioactive gases, liquids, or particles. Almost everything can become contaminated by radioactive materials in environment. Anyone can intake of radioactive materials in the case of unconscious, even taking a walk or eat.

A number of events can cause radioactive contamination. A well-known example is the explosion of the nuclear weapons. Previously, it was used as a mass destruction especially used in Second World War. Radioactive contamination also occurs when radioactive materials are not properly sealed. Laboratory mistakes and natural disasters are the most important reason. The effects of radioactive contamination vary. It depends on the degree of radioactive substances leaked. A low degree of contamination is more likely to be diluted by environment. It may not cause obvious harm. On the other hand, high levels of contamination can significantly threaten both people and the environment. If individuals live in a radioactive contamination, his body will suffer Serious destruction, especially for hair and skin. Nevertheless, regardless of the degree of contamination, environment will be affected deeply in a long term. Beings grow in such environment have more possibility of deformity.

In all, radioactive contamination is considered as the biggest threat of public health. Now science and technology is not enough to guarantee the safety of the use of nuclear energy.…...

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