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Quality Issues in the Gas and Oil Industry: BP PLC
Project Outline
I. Overview of BP PLC
a. Full Name- British Petroleum
b. Amount of Individuals Employed- 83,400 people
c. Worldwide Industry- Gas and Oil Production
d. Products and services- Aromatics and acetyls, Asphalt, Aviation and marine fuels, Petrochemical products, Bitumen, Fuel cards, Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), Marine fuel, Oils and lubricants, Photovoltaic solar electric products and systems, Polymers, Purified terephthalic acid (PTA), Paraxylene (PX), Acetic acid, Ethylene, Propylene, Solvents and industrial chemicals, Downstream derivative products, Generation of power, Operation of fuel stations, Oil and gas exploration and production, and Oil and natural gas transportation, distribution, and marketing
e. Quality Management Processes
i. Finding Gas and Oil
1. Use refined technology and new scientific techniques through the use of typographical maps, sound waves, aerial photography, 3D projections, and more
2. Form educated guesses regarding size, shape, and oil/gas consistency ii. Extraction of Gas and Oil
1. Building of Production Facilities
a. Analyze environmental data to ensure ways facility will make minimal impacts on environment
b. Recycling of facility
2. Environmental Impact
a. Environmental experts assess the impact
b. Review possible problems in order to properly address them iii. Gas and Oil Transportation
1. Pipeline Usage
2. Shipping
3. Global Energy Trading iv. Making of the fuels/products
1. Refineries
a. Process oil into products that we use (i.e. gas)
v. Marketing fuels/products
1. Premium range of gas
2. Offer low carbon fuel
a. Biofuels
b. Cleaner fuels
c. Liquefied Petroleum Gas
d. Compressed Natural Gas
3. Keeping the customers
a. Addition of convenience space
i. Retail space ii. Wild Bean Café iii. Petit Bistro iv. Ampm
v. Select…...

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