Putting an End to Bullying

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Putting an End to Bullying
Therese McMullen
Upper Iowa University

Being a former victim of bullying, I used to feel that there needed to be stricter punishments for bullies. Out of all of the fallacies we reviewed in class, I believe this falls under “begging the question.” I was biased; because I had so much anger toward the bullies, I felt they needed to be punished.
After reading several articles on the issues, I think it makes more sense to stop it before it even starts. Bullying in schools is a problem around the world that negatively affects the general school atmosphere and the ability learn in a school setting without fear (Banks, n.d.). Bullying can also have long term effects on the bully, the victim, and even bystanders. Children that are bullied will be more likely than their peers to anxiety and depression. They may also experience increased loneliness and sadness, and a change in eating patterns and difficulty sleeping. These issues can continue through adulthood. A small number of bullied children may get revenge through extreme measures. In 12 out of 15 school shootings in the 1990s, the shooters had been bullied (Kennedy, n.d.).
Bullies also are affected by their actions. They tend to engage in these violent and risky behaviors well into adulthood. They will be more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol as adolescents and into adulthood. They may also become sexually active at an early age, and be abusive with their children and spouses as adults. It is also likely they will end up having a criminal record (Kennedy, n.d.).
People don’t seem to realize that bullying also affects the witnesses. They also have an increases tendency to abuse alcohol and drugs. They are also more like to experience mental health issues, which include anxiety and depression. They are also more likely to skip school more often than others (Kennedy,…...

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...Bullying: When Does Harmless Teasing Cross the Line? A Study on Bullying Leslie Babcock National American University Technical Communication May 2, 2012 Letter of Transmittal Date: May 2, 2012 To: From: Dr. Mauer Leslie Babcock 328 W. Grand Avenue 1400 East Kay Haysville, KS 67060 Haysville, Ks 67060 USD 261 Superintendents Dear Dr. Mauer: Enclosed you will find the results of the questionnaire distributed last month, and my recommendations on the topic; Bullying: When Harmless Teasing Crosses the Line. I have learned a lot about bullying in your school district from the parents, students, administrators and staff. I am convinced that the information that has been gathered will help you in putting together some anti-bullying programs for the students in your district. Thank you for your support through this process, and for allowing me to hand out the questionnaire and conduct interviews with you and your staff. Although some of the results vary greatly between the parents and students, and administrators and staff, I believe that if everyone works together on this topic, we could accomplish a lot. I would be willing to work with you on setting up programs to help the bullies and the bullied, and I would also be willing to volunteer my time to help students. I appreciate all the time you have put into helping me, and have learned a lot while gathering all the evidence that follows. Please feel free to contact me about...

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